Tom Connan Opens His New Fashion Label

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Tom Connan is a rising star in the music, fashion and film industry. His single „You Didn‘t Give Them A Chance“ went viral on YouTube and made him famous overnight.

Over 100.000 Views in one week made him not only famous to a lot of music fans, but also opened a lot of doors to Multimedia Companies and Fashion Designers who are fighting for his attention.

Tom said in an interview that he never expected this kind of popularity and the support that he received from Europe, US and other people around the world.

In the last months his Facebook Account rised to over 18.000 likes!

Yet the french singer, songwriter and actor wants more. With only 23 years he founded his own label and sells everything a fans heart could desire. From Hoodies and T-Shirt to Tank Tops and accessories.

You can even find phone cases and clothes for youngsters in his store.

Right now he is promoting his fashion label and even created an amazing video, which you should definitely watch. Here it is:

However many people today, especially singers, try to sell overpriced merchandise to their fans, without offering any real value.

Now let‘s take a look at Tom Connan‘s store and see what he offers to his fans and if his trendy merchandise is really as good as he says.

First we will take a look at his hoodies for men.

Men‘s Premium Hoodies

80% cotton, 20% polyester and 100% awesome. Tom Connan‘s hoodies are available from S to XXL, the logo printed in the USA and perfect for the cold upcoming season.

You can buy this Hoodie for fair $40. Not bad at all! Let‘s continue with the T-Shirts in Tom
Connan‘s store.

Men‘s Premium T-Shirt

Optimized for all kinds of prints, soft, durable and comfortable. As close to perfection as a T-Shirt can be.

100% cotton and ranging in all imaginable sizes, from S to 5XL. Of course all prints have be processed in the USA.

The T-Shirts are buyable for around $30. Comparable to Kaynes merchandise which costs ten times as much, I can definitely say that this is a fair price.

Men‘s Tank Top

Not only ideal for the beach or the gym, but also for the street. This comfortable tank top consits of 100% cotton, is available in six different sizes and offers double-stitched arm openings.

And that‘s only the beginning! We can find the same top quality products for women and even for children.

Take a look at Tom Connan‘s store and discover the dozens of great merchandise products by yourself.

But before I bring our review to an end, I would like to introduce you to his premium Phone cases.

Currently there are more than a dozen different cases for the newest Samsung Galaxy Phones and iPhones. The cases are buyable in a hard case and in a rubber case.

The prices start from $8 and can go up to $30, if buy a hard case for iPhone.

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