Tools to monitor your Online Reputation

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Whether it is a small business or big Online Reputation is something which can either make or break your company. Credibility, reliability and trust are features which can be the deciding factor for your company. This can only be build by online reputation management services.

online reputation management





Positive reviews can be resulted in trust building and people will rush to your online sites to get the business review.

Monitoring your business reviews is a big task if you do it without any tools.

Here are some tools which will guide you in monitoring your online reputation.

1. Google alerts: whenever new content regarding the keyword which you have specified is added, Google alert will send you notification. This is a customized tool which pulls the information about the concerned web page, blog or article within the Google network.  Setting up Google alert is easy and free of coast. You just need to follow the given guidelines and your work will be done. 

2. Naymz: this is another tool which is widely used for monitoring online reputation. This tool helps in obtaining your social influence which will have direct relation with online reputation. Higher the social influence higher will be the reputation.

3. Yext: it is another helpful site which helps managing the online listing and check whether the information posted is correct or not.

4. Powerlisting tool: this tool will let you know the error rate of the posted information on particular website. It will also tell you about the errors location and the listing of your business is done or not so that you can get it done and get your customers base.

5. Hootsuite: It is a social media management tool which manages your social media accounts network at one place. Since all the social media websites are at one pace it would be easy for you to monitor the content and related information, to review the posts etc.You can give in-depth view through social media analytic as to how your content is perceived and what all improvements needed to be done.

6. Reputology:  this is a paid site which provides the service at costing of $25 a month. This site provides alerts through emails for any negative customer experience and sends detailed email about the feedback posted by the customer. This will help you in responding immediately to the query or the concern of the customer. This action therefore helps in identifying the improvement needed areas.

7. Complaint search box: it is a website set which perform a function of Google search on over 40 complaint websites to know the reviews posted. For performing free daily searches it is used, as this will scan most of the complaints being posted and let you know the results in an easy way.

Other important tool is the hash tag which can be used before your keyword or your business name to make it easily identifiable by the outer world. It gives you easy access while searching your brand on Search engines.



Consult or hire a reliable and resourceful company concerning Online Reputation Management Dubai and make important reforms to get to know your customers and their perception for you.



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