Top 10 Luxury Zipper Brands in the World

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To get an accurate view of the massive zipper industry operating worldwide, it might be best to divide the story into two parts. As indicated in almost every report on this part of the economy, the luxury sector is dominated by manufacturers outside China. But, if you want to gather the correct information about the sales leaders in this field, you have to train your eye on Chinese companies.


It’s important to understand that zipper manufacturing is now a $13 billion-dollar industry, with projections of growth to $19 billion in the next five years. The leaders in this market are certainly YKK and SBS who produces quality zipper with an emphasis on competitive price. But it’s also an industry fact that these price-based suppliers are rapidly catching up with “high-end” companies by focusing on research and development in their specialty.

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Top 10?

When attempting to identify the top 10 luxury zipper brands in the world, you must be very careful which industry report you use. It’s essential to have a clear definition of the word “luxury” as well. If you focus on brand names used in clothing and other items that are in high demand you would have to include Riri, Coats Industrial, Raccagni, En Noir, and several other companies without the China connection that manufacturers such as SBS and YKK have. One list of “high-end” companies might also include these companies as well: YBS, KAO Shing, Ideal Fastener, 3F, YCC, Weixing Group, and Lampo, along with Dawei and Universal.

But, when you use these brand names as your “luxury” or “high-end” list, you almost always leave out manufacturers who produce quality zippers used by product manufacturers in every part of the economy. Notice that zipper brands such as Talon and Optilon are not in the above group, yet these two companies each produce and sell about 7% of the zippers marketed on the planet. Who’s to say the clothing, purse, and accessory makers sourcing their zippers from these two companies aren’t convinced they’re using “high-end” zippers?

Top 10 in China

It’s a bit easier to compile this list. You’ll always be safe when you begin with SBS Zipper and YKK. Then you will probably list SAB, 3F, KEE, YCC, HSD, YQQ, AAK, and HOK. Other brands you’d have to include, either in the list of Chinese companies, or somewhere on the list of producers worldwide, would be Neo, HHH, Edicate, and FBN.

As mentioned earlier, the global market in this industry should approach $14 billion in the next two years, with continued growth taking the world zipper market to about $19 billion in 2022. To call the industry “competitive” would be something of an understatement, with companies continually battling in terms of overall quality and cost. It’s also interesting to note the level of innovation in this field, considering millions of people think of zippers as an item that hasn’t changed in decades.


Research and development in the global zipper industry now focuses on such details as new materials and better functionality with those new materials. But even in what you might consider a “mature” industry, the emphasis on mechanical design and innovation continues. Perhaps the list of top-10 luxury zippers is still to be determined!


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