Top 10 Most Expensive Earrings Ever To Be Sold

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High quality jewelry can transform any ordinary outfit into a get up that turns heads and invites people to stare. No other stone can accomplish that effect more than sparkling diamonds can. However, not all diamonds are created the same. We have the scoop on the most expensive, most highly priced diamonds the world has ever known.

Feast your eyes on these 10 pairs of earrings that may just as well make it as the most luxurious wedding jewelry you can wear to make your day extra memorable and special:

1.  Arabella Huntington’s Earrings owned by Harry Winston.  
Jeweller, Harry Winston’s diamond business began as he bought estates throughout the US, including that of Arabella Huntington’s. These diamonds are set in platinum with two studs and a hanging round plate that tastefully combines blue emerald stones and light green amethyst precious stones.  Each round brilliant diamonds are reported to be made with 0.50 carats each.

2.  Paris Nouvelle Vague earrings.
Last known selling price is at US $79,000.  Designed and sold by Cartier, each piece comes with an 18K pink gold adorned by 56 diamonds with an estimated total of 1.41 carats.  These pieces are reported to have been made especially to complement women with a flair for style inspired by the impeccable taste for luxurious fashion worn only the Parisian way.

3.  Marie Antoinette Diamond Earrings.
Well-known for her extravagant lifestyle and impeccable taste for luxurious goods, it isn’t surprising why this big woman in history loves her diamonds too. She truly embodies what Elizabeth Taylor once said, that is, “Big girls need big diamonds” which Marie Antoinette clearly embodied. Unfortunately, these historical jewelries were lost following the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette’s beheading by guillotine which ended the civil war in France.

4.  Diamond and Pearls Danglers.
Last known selling price is at US $1.2 million.  One of the most sought-after diamonds are those originating from the Golconda mines in India which has produced some of the world’s finest diamonds, including these diamond and pearl danglers which make a perfect addition to any wedding gown dress.

5.  Empress Eugenie.
Last known selling price is at US $3.3 million. Reportedly mined in Brazil, these earrings are full of valuable history which makes them even more prized for both their stone and historical values.  Catherine II of Russia apparently wore it before it found its way to French Emperor Napoleon III who bought it from the Russian royal family as a
luxurious wedding jewelry gift to wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo who wore it as a necklace.

6.  Golconda Diamond Earrings Last known selling price is at US $9.3 million.  Argued to be the finest class of diamonds in the world, these diamonds are highly regarded and extravagantly priced at that. These are high-grade diamonds that have been extracted from the Golconda mines in India. Each piece is adorned with top grade diamonds estimated to possess 23 carats.

7.  Panthere de Cartier.  
From the House of Cartier comes various pairs of drop earrings shaped into a panther, said to match women with gorgeously elegant and powerful personalities.  These pieces are adorned with beautifully cut diamonds often combined with emeralds, garnets, and onyx rocks. Pieces available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

8.  Miroir de l‘Amour pear-shaped D colour.  
Last known selling price is at US $17.6 million, making this pair the most expensive earrings ever to be sold. These pieces are comprised of shiny white, pearl-shaped diamonds made with a graded 50.47 carats and bearing the highest grade for transparent, colorless dimes.

9.  Harry Winston earrings.
Last known price is at US $8.3 million.  Each piece comprises of 8 leaf-structured diamonds with a teardrop, which together holds a total of 60 carats of diamonds. This pair will easily match any piece in your closet from casual clothes to formal dinners.

10.  Colombian Emerald.
Last known price is at US $4.8 million. These pairs consist of 11.75 carats of diamond tastefully set around a large piece of emerald, accenting the beautiful green piece with the awe-inspiring brightness of diamonds.

When you are looking for jewelry, mind too, the craftsmanship and the history that comes with every piece. As diamonds find their way to you, you add to its essence the story of your life too. Diamonds, undoubtedly, are controversial, highly regarded pieces of jewelry made to impress but also made to last beyond any person’s lifetime.


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