Top 10 Most Useful And Important Languages To Learn In India

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As everyone knows, India one of the most diversified country in the world where people different culture speakers different language. It would be smart to learn new language apart from your mother tongue because language comes handy when you are in other states.

English and Hindi is the most popular language in India, and almost everybody in the country somewhat understands and speaks both these languages. In reality, there is the vast majority who can understand Hindi language but can’t talk. So to communicate with them, you need to learn the common language that will help you.

A lot of people in India travel to different parts of the country for work and study, and it became really tough for them to communicate with people who can’t understand their language. So if you are traveling to some other state, it is always smart to learn their language which saves you from a lot of hassle.

There are a lot of benefits of learning a new language and you can land jobs if you have proficiency in a lot of languages. Many companies employ candidates who have a good hold over a lot of languages that are quite popular in India. Apart from regional languages, there are some foreign languages that come handy in some places.

Top Useful Languages to Learn In India    

Here is the list of useful languages that you can learn which will assist you to communicate with locals when you visit other states for various purposes:

1.     English –

English serves as one of the most important and influential languages that are popular throughout the country especially in cities and towns. If you are quite versed in English, you can communicate with many people who are not comfortable with Hindi. If you don’t know their regional language, then you can easily communicate with them in English. This language comes handy in every field of work, study, sales, etc. 

2.     Hindi –

Hindi is considered as the most popular language in India, and most of the people in India understand and speak this language. Hindi is used in many offices throughout the country as it is known to almost everyone in the country. If you don’t have proficiency in this language, then it would be profitable for you to learn this language. Many offices often need typist or translator who has good proficiency in Hindi. If you are good in typing, then you can apply in various companies like ISRO recruitment process where they require candidates who are well versed in Hindi.


3.     Punjabi  –

Punjabi is another popular language that is spoken throughout the state of Punjab, and there are 34 million speakers in India. This entirely tonal language is also popular in many other countries of the world especially Canada. Punjabi is a very useful because there are many business centers in Punjab so if you visit there, it can come handy.

4.     Kannada –

Kannada is using language, and it would be great if you learn this language. If you visit Bangalore for study or work, you can use this language to communicate with local, and there won’t be any kind of language barrier. If you visit outskirts of Bangalore, this will become your prime communicating language.

5.     Tamil –

Tamil serves as an important language that one should learn because it comes handy in many aspects. Nowadays people from various states, shift to Chennai for work and study, so it will assist them to speak and understand correctly. It will assist you when you visit local places where you need to communicate with local who can’t understand Hindi or English.

6.     Telegu –

Telegu is spoken by many people in Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana and many people visit these states for work. Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad are two most important cities that are filled with many local and international companies. So if you go there for work, it will be useful for you. 

7.     Bengali –

Bengali is spoken by almost 83 million speakers in India, and it serves as the second most spoken language in India. It is widely spoken in West Bengal or Tripura, and it is quite easy to learn this language.

8.     Assamese – 

Assamese is another popular native language spoken by most of the people in Assam. Assam serves as a crucial hub for business, so if you visit there for an official purpose, you can use this language for communication.

9.     Russian –

The Russian language might be a foreign language, but it is spoken by many people in Goa. This region is flooded by many Russian, so if you visit there for holiday or work, it will assist you to communicate properly with them.

10.  Marathi –

 Millions of people in India who speaks Marathi and this is the native language of Maharashtra. Mumbai, the capital city of the state, serves as an industrial hub and there are a lot of companies that employ candidates from various part of India. So if you are going for work in Mumbai it would be smart to learn Marathi.



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