Top 3 AMAZING Technology Appss For Android

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Imgur And Giphy

Giphy and Imgur are two image stores. These two places are great to find little facts, fun images, funny GIFs and all other kinds of entertainment purposes. Most of those are cool pictures that you see on Facebook, Twitter etc all those come from here. Both of these apps are completely free to use and download. These two android apps are worth downloading.

Maps And Waze

Waze and Google Maps are two cool navigation apps. Google Maps will give you all the turn-by-turn directions, let you check businesses and review them and all other kinds of stuff. Waze, on the other hand, lets you check the traffic along your route. Google Maps is definitely a more powerful app as compare the other. However, Waze is less bloated. That makes it a better option if you are looking for something simple.


KeePassDroid is a password app. It depends on the KeePass open source extend. It’s a locker application where you can keep a wide range of delicate data. That incorporates login points of interest for sites, serial numbers for your costly things. The application isn’t much to take a gander at, yet it works truly well. Moreover, you can trade your stuff to exclusive document sorts so you can exchange the information to new gadgets. It’s straightforward, it works, and it’s totally free with no in-application buys. There are other free Android applications in light of the KeePass extend if this one doesn’t suit your inclinations.


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BTW, let me know what you think about these apps?

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