Top 5 Catchiest Despacito Facts

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Hello I am Sahil Khan From so lets get started.

If you got access to a radio a TV or the internet you’ve heard this song more times and you can count. everything about this track think again because we found some interesting

tidbits that might surprise you.



Number (5) the song is actually about a slow

love affair though everybody can agree that the tune itself is catchy and is one of the best dances of summer 2017 very few actually know what the song means the title of the song kiss besito translated into english means slowly and that’s the message the song tries to get across written about a slow romantic love affair the lyrics are about two people madly in love who can’t get enough of each other but who also want to take their time sexy and filled with passions the song is also about enjoying the journey of love and being in no

hurry to rush things along.



Number (4) the song

was used in a political ad when despasito comes through your speakers politics probably aren’t the first thought that comes to mind apparently Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro thought otherwise when he played a remixed version of the song during one of his rallies rewritten with lyrics such as it is the

call to the constituent that only wants to unify the country Madhu Rose remix of the song was used to encourage citizens to vote for a new political body that would have the power to rewrite the national charter Luis FONSI and daddy

yankee weren’t very happy with us however and took to Instagram to call on Maduro for both using and altering the song without permission and employing it

for political campaigns they do not




Number (3) it boosted Puerto Rican Tourism who knew that a song could affect a country’s economy barely two months after the release of despatsito tourism companies including hotels calm and TripAdvisor went public with the information that tourist searches for Puerto Rico had jumped significantly

ranging from a twenty four percent to a forty five percent increase largely based on this line if I was to turn up legend Puerto Rico even tourism companies within the country have begun to offer trips to the filming locations in the music video including the La Perla district and the club life factorio.


Number (2) Justin Bieber came up with the idea of a remix after hearing the song for the first time while in a Colombian nightclub the Biebs himself decided that he wanted a piece of the decima cito action and contacted Fonzie to work on a remix the entire process happened over four to five days after

originally contacting Fonzie before Bieber’s remix was released

spicy crediting Bieber with taking the song into the english-speaking market Fonzie also said how impressed he was with Bieber learning the Spanish lyrics and managing to work through the pronunciation even though Justin hasn’t

always exactly nailed the language on stage. 

Number (1) it shattered YouTube records beating out both sighs career making hit and see you again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie puth this besito broke the youtube’s record of most-watched video of all time only months after its release smashing records like the fastest and first video to hit 2 billion views only 154 days after release most liked video of all time and first video to ever hit 3 billion views the music video for the

original version of the song with YouTube on fire the video hasn’t slowed down either and with the amount of attention it’s been getting that big 4 isn’t far off see so which of these facts did you find most interesting.

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