Top 5 Most Expensive Garden Sheds

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Sheds have always been rather popular in Australia where I’m from and having the best shed has been a dream most Aussies dream for years. They’ve proven themselves to be useful, be it a place for storing excess stuff or just a quiet refuge. As your belongings start to cluster your home, you begin to realize the importance of a shed. This is because you’ll unquestionably need a place to put all these things that you are not using regularly. Whether a luxury shed or a basic garden shed, it will be a perfect addition to your backyard that will also help properly utilize this free space.

A shed will save you the frequent trips to the garage for tools when you are working in your garden or flower bed. Furthermore, if you have a large enough shed, you could even store a compost bin. The design and size of your shed will depend on a lot of factors such as the size of your yard, personal preference, how much equipment you have, as well as your budget.


Although most sheds are affordable, some tend to be quite pricey. Here are the five most expensive sheds that you can find on the market today:


The Rubbermaid Roughneck Shed


This shed is well-known for its robust construction, easy assembly, and durability. It is approximately 106 cubic foot and will be ideal for a home with a large backyard and a lot of equipment and tools to store. It has wide double doors that provide easy access for driving in things like bikes, wheelbarrows, and mowers. The shed is also designed to have two windows and four skylights to provide natural lighting on the inside.


This shed does not come with indoor shelves, but its wall anchor system allows you to effortlessly install pegboards, hangers, and shelves to utilize the storage space. The Rubbermaid shed goes for approximately $610.


The Suncast Shed

The Suncast is one of the best sheds in the market. It has a gorgeous exterior with metal handles, it is durable, and has a rot-resistant floor and roof made out of resin. Apart from its durability, the Suncast shed is also easy to assemble with no cutting needed. It has exterior dimensions of 4’8” by 2’6” by 6’5” making it suitable for a homeowner who does not require a large storage space but still wants their equipment and tools organized. It goes for approximately $650.


The Lifetime 6405 Shed


This shed is made of high-quality waterproof and durable materials. It is approximately 8 by 10 foot making it large enough to hold all your gardening equipment and tools. Its doors come with an internal locking mechanism and reinforced with steel for extra security. It also comes with indoor shelves. It costs approximately $1,083.


The Lifetime 6446 Shed


This high-end shed is an improvement of the Lifetime 6405 shed. It is ideal for anyone one who has a ton of storage but wants to remain stylish and classy. The shed has a dimension of 15’ by 18’ with an A-frame roof that provides 6’8” of head room. It has two shatter windows for ventilation. It is made out of high-density and rot-resistant polyethylene. It goes for approximately $1,674 with shipping included.


Goudhurst Shed

goudhurst shed differs from other sheds on this list and is not your average garden shed, as it hasn’t been used in years, but its price has gone up to nearly one million British pounds. The difference is that it’s not the shed itself that’s expensive but the land, whose owner was granted permission to build a massive six-bedroom detached house.

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