Top 5 Non-Surgical Cosmetic and Laser Treatments in the UK

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Top 5 Non-Surgical Cosmetic and Laser Treatments in the UK 01Plastic surgery is the new cosmetic procedure everyone seems to be talking about. And while everybody looks to be thrilled, there are still very many fears that tend to keep us from choosing plastic surgery.

Many fears are alleged by the many misfiring results that most of us have been made to believe. Even so, poor cosmetic procedures will have very bad side effects. The truth is however, that not every plastic surgery procedure is awful.

In my personal experience researching with The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, I have learnt so much about cosmetic surgery to realize that there are a few procedures that actually do not have awful results when done properly.

Such procedures include non-surgical cosmetic and laser guided treatments within the aesthetic medicine field. When done by experienced experts, these procedures have been found to have some of the most beneficial results of all time.

Here are some of the five most common non-surgical cosmetic and laser treatments within the aesthetic medicine field that you should know.

The Botulinum Toxin Injection

This non surgical cosmetic procedure is often used to relax wrinkles. The botulinum toxin injection prevents wrinkles from deepening and allows you to enjoy a long lasting supple skin. The procedure has been used quite often and is said to be very effective by many experts. Today botulinum toxin injection can also be used to carry out what is known as a non-surgical eye lift.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

According to The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, laser hair removal procedure rates highly among the most popular cosmetic procedures. The procedure is metrosexual and can be used by both men and women. It has long lasting effects and is very ideal for addressing many “hairy” problems like hairy backs, shoulders, and legs. Laser hair removal is also quite affordable too.

Non Surgical Scar Treatment

This is also done by the use of laser treatment options. It has the capacity to treat scars and leave your skin scar free without any ugly patches to worry about. Laser guided scar treatment is currently very common in the UK and has been listed as one of the most result oriented procedures.

Dermal Fillers Treatment

Dermal fillers have been used quite often for lip-plumping. But contrary to the truth dermal fillers have so much use in cosmetic procedures other than just lip plumping. In fact they have been used so often for both non surgical facelifts and nose jobs. However because dermal fillers have been found to have many permanent complications, it is often advisable to work with the experts.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are some of the most rejuvenating procedures. They are good at giving back a younger touch to your skin and keeping your skin looking really healthy. They are often used to remove dead or dull skin cells which often have a dulling effect to your complexion. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion have best results if done after consultation with the experts.


If you visit the most established cosmetic clinics such as The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic you will realize that there is more to plastic surgery than having to go through pain sticking procedures.


However when looking for a cosmetic clinic you should go with the most established options and work with the experts. Your experts should be well experienced, learned, trained, and above all understanding to your type of needs.

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