Top 5 writing tools for beginners

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Writing is incorporated into our lives from our earliest education years and all the way throughout adulthood. Wherever you are currently in your life (School, university, job), you are using your writing skills every day. Probably even more than you realized! We are constantly asked to provide essays, term papers, proposal emails, contracts, memorandums, notes and so on. It is common knowledge that there are people who have a natural way with words and have little difficulties when transforming thought to written word. For the rest of us, it can be quite difficult. Luckily, there are many tools available to help polish your writing skills and we will explore some that are considered among the best to get you on your way!


  1. The Hemingway app


The Hemingway app mainly focuses on one key aspect of any written paper, it`s readability! It is very simple to use, you just copy your text directly into the app and it will sort your sentences into three categories. Good, difficult to read and very difficult to read. You can edit your text directly in the app until all of your text has a good flow for the readers. It is a great tool for quality over quantity in words that teaches you how to structure your sentences.


  1. Story Toolz


Story toolz is an amazing multi-tool for beginners! It has everything you need to get you started and all that with an easy to use interface! Most tools focus on one area however; with story toolz you get options like Cliché buster, readability, story idea generator, random conflict generator all in one place! If you are just beginning it is highly recommendable to have this in your writing arsenal!


  1. is a custom writing service. It is great to have in a tight spot when you are writing a paper, you are pressed for time, and you feel you cannot produce quality work in the amount of time you have. At the website you can buy a custom made paper just for you and within a deadline you set. In addition to having them bail you out in a tight spot, it is a great educational experience as well! When you get a finished paper you will see how it should look like and you can model your future writings to that one.


  1. Thesis Generator


Thesis generator will help you get started. Often times, you will find yourself having an idea but not being able to formulate it into a concise text. You may wonder off with your thoughts and loose the point you were trying to make. Thesis Generator will help you focus on a series of questions all designed to shape your text and to keep it on the chosen subject.




Even if you are a native speaker you will often be stuck in the search for the right word. The subject of your paper can be so narrowly focused that you often find yourself with phrasing the same or similar thing several times. If your vocabulary is not big enough, your paper can become repetitive, boring and even confusing. is here to help you out. Put in a word or series of words you would like to learn and it will generate several synonyms all already in sentences so it is easy to memorize and use them in the future!


These are some of the tools we feel that should be able to help you get started. In addition, of course, you should do more research, there are many more tools available and some of them could be a better fit for your exact requirements. Most importantly, try to read as much as you can from acclaimed authors in areas you would like to write. Learn from great examples since there are so many available in all niches imaginable! Good luck!


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