Top 6 Benefits of Webcasting for Law Firms

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Law firms get new clients on the basis of their expertise gained from earlier cases and clients that they have worked with and won. This expertise of the law firms needs to be marketed in a fresh and novel way to attract more clients. Law firms are turning towards the webcasting for efficient and effective marketing of their good will and expertise. Also, this gives them a two-way benefit of gathering information that can be priceless for further development of the business. 

In this modern technologically advanced world, webcasting and live video streaming play an important and strategic role in the process of marketing due to their effectiveness in projecting the business like a law firm. Webcasts give the opportunity to law firms to record and track the audiences’ engagement through Q & A participation by the audience, survey response, content download by the audience etc. Immediate and detailed analysis of the webcast, be it during or after the webcast is accessed by the lawyers. When a law firm opts for webcasting solutions with the complete set of interactive features it enables them with direct one on one engagement with its clients and provides valuable data for further follow-ups. Also, legal education is an ongoing process which is made possible to law firms by on-demand webcasting programs.

 Let us have a look at the most derived benefits by a law firm by using webcasting solutions as summed up by experts in live webcasting at Singapore:

1.      An effective marketing tool:

Webcasting has been commonly agreed as the best marketing tool for any profession or business. Because of this feature of webcasting, tech-savvy law firms are using this platform to market themselves and to offer their services and hence building up more clientele.

2.      Selling off expertise to prospective clients:

The best part about webcasting is that it can be done in any environment even if it is a courthouse. Setting up webcasting in courthouses relays a live and direct demonstration of the expertise of the law firm creating a positive impact on the viewers.

3.      Cost effective:

Webcasting in its initial stages came into existence for the sole feature of being cost effective as it saves the time and money of both the parties involved i.e. the company organizing the webcast as well as its audiences. For law firms, this feature is beneficial as the money saved by not investing in the time taken and the accommodations for meeting up with a client is used to further cementing the relations with the present clients and prospective clients.

4.      Contribution to the field of legal education:

There are many lawyers and law firms who contribute their expertise to law educational systems. Webcasting enables them to connect with law educational system anywhere in the world and share their expert knowledge in their field with law students.

5.      Active engagement:

Using the tools provided on webinar and webcasting solutions, law firms can acquire interactive knowledge and data from their clients and prospects. The follow-ups on the webcasts can prove to be invaluable for law firms as it gives them the inside information about their clients and their field of interest in law.

6.      Tech savvy image:

Using webcast for interaction with the client base, a law firm creates an image of a tech savvy organization which is completely client oriented which increases their goodwill and reputation.

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