Top 6 Popular Flowers That Unfailingly Highlight Any Wedding

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Everyone has a favorite flower, and as your wedding day approaches, you will want to display it! From splashy blooms, big to petite petals, there are classic beauties that look elegant on any wedding.

When it comes to finding popular wedding flowers, the search can get somewhat overwhelming, especially when you have no clue on the latest trends that make it to the top in your area. However, remember that you do not have to be a florist or do a major in botany to know which bloom you like, and which one you don’t. Along with having your own taste in flowers, it is always a wise idea to work with the best wedding reception decorators, who have enough experience working with different floral arrangements at weddings.

If you are skeptical about what flowers to choose to add the perfect burst of colors at your wedding, then here are top six flowers that unfailingly highlight your wedding in Atlanta!

1.     Elegant Roses

There is a reason why roses remain a romantic event staple, and certainly a top choice in wedding flowers for most event planners such as Let’s Celebrate Events. Gorgeous and elegant, this flower lets you know that something special is about to happen. Available in a rainbow of colors, this option pairs well with any other flower and helps to create full and luscious wedding centerpieces. Roses are a bit sturdier than other blooms, so they do well in highly sculptured arrangements, boutonnieres, and corsages. Renowned as the symbol of love, roses do not just make a beautiful statement, but also a remarkable and meaningful one.


2.     Charming Orchids

The orchid is more than just a destination-wedding staple as it symbolically represents beauty and charm. These delicate and gorgeous flowers are available in several colors, in shades of white, purple, and green. Often common in modern and traditional wedding themes, orchids can be gorgeous in full floral arrangements or minimalistic single stem styles.

Charming Orchids

3.     Hydrangea

Choosing stems of hydrangea can fill up any wedding centerpiece or bouquet quickly. Available in several shades, most florists use these to create volume and texture in their work, as they are not tiny flowers. Their “texturing” quality makes them highly flexible in style and theme arrangements. Incorporating hydrangea can make expensive and tall centerpieces appear more magical, or add a simple, sweet touch to glass jars on a rustic table. Apart from this, another great quality that makes them ideal for wedding floral arrangements is their allergy-free nature. This flower doesn’t tend to cause any allergies or problems as other flowers.


4.     Peonies

Fabulous, fragrant and full, peonies symbolize happiness and remain the most relevant flower choice for a wedding. Full of fluffy, soft petals, they come in several colors except for blue. Per stem, they can be slightly expensive, but their size helps to fill out a centerpiece or bouquet. For a wedding with a pale palette, these flowers are the ideal option because of all the texture they add to light colored floral arrangements. Most people choose them in pink and white variations, couples with passion vines and hellebores. However, if you are scent-sensitive, you may want to find other blooms to use for most of the bouquets.


5.     Ranunculus

Sometimes, people confuse these with peonies and roses. Ranunculus is a romantic and gorgeous flower, perfect for modern and traditional wedding arrangements. Since they are not as common as roses, it is advisable that you check into whether or not they are available readily at your local floral designer. Typically, these are available in season starting from late spring to midsummer. They are common in paler shades, but you can also find them in bolder colors such as red and orange. We love to pair these with other flowers, especially because they are sweetly shaped, blooms and look stunning when solo as well.

6.     Tulips

Although most people associate it with the Netherlands, the tulip flower is actually a native of Persia. A unique flower, it represents “happy years, and consuming love.” For couples, the tulip can be meaningful flower choice for floral decorations. Tulip flowers come in a wide range of colors, including cream, white, pastel colors such as yellow, pink, peach, and vibrant hues including red, magenta and purple. A flower available throughout the year, it stands out as a common and very affordable choice. However, it can be rarely expensive. The versatile tulip flower has the power to enhance both casual and elegant wedding settings and works well in any permutation. From boutonnieres, bouquets, to table arrangements, there are endless floral decoration choices you can try with tulips.

Commonly, when you work with event planners, they work with three main varieties:

·         French tulips, which are elegant and expensive with large tapered blooms, and extra-long stems

·         Dutch tulips, typically these are common in florist shops and gardens

·         Parrot tulips, popular for their striped and ruffled petals, they come in intense colors.


Floral decorations can come in a wide range of options; you just have to work along with experienced planners who have complete knowledge of the leading trends in floral decorations. 

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