Top County in the race of technology

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First place: America 

So far, the United States has a total of 300Nobel Prize winners, ranking first in the world, especially since last century 80 Since the age, in the field of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, medicine), the United States Most of the downside won the Nobel Prize in the field of natural sciences (far more than the sum of the rest of the world), and now, the United StatesThe university brings together the world 70%Above the Nobel Prize winner,50% Above the Fields Award winners (this To add that, including the award after the United States immigrants), in the field of computer science, Turing Award is a few almost monopolized by the Americans! The highest in the world 20In the university, according to the scientific contribution, the United States accounted for17 (Natural Science) School field), (add this point, according to the contribution of the world’s natural science, China’s first clear university of China is ranked at about 600 Name) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to California Polytechnic, cultivate the world’s best workers hang Shi and the top scientists. The world’s top ten top technology companies, the United States accounted for eight! Intel to the world to provide chips, Microsoft companies and Oracle companies occupy the basic market for the software industry(From Baidu to Tencent to all Chinese government departments, Use Oracle database software and technology),The world’s three major statistical analysis software is from the United States(wide widely used in government statistics and scientific research, especially in the field of scientific research) … Since the nineties of last century, the world 90% More than the application of scientific and technological innovation, are inseparable from the Silicon ValleyTechnical Support, Behind the shadow of Silicon Valley … The United States has the world’s top laboratory, Including Lawrence BoerKerry Laboratory, Lincoln Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Los Alamos Laboratory, Brookhaven Laboratory, Milwaukee Water Experts, Oak Ridge Laboratory, Bell Labs, Argonne Laboratories, IBMResearch laboratory … In the military field, In the aerospace field, In the field of medical technology, In the field of information science … The United StatesUnrivaled strength and overwhelming technical advantage rank first in the world … Many Chinese people may still be thinking Since the last century after World War II, the third scientific and technological revolution, but in fact, the fourth scientific and technological revolution has long been it is the information revolution … The seventies and eighties of last century, Japan by virtue of the advantages of traditional manufacturing.


Out of the information revolution since the nineties of last century. Compared with the United States, Japan is also a difference in Silicon Valley, also poor dozens of the world’s top universities! Although Japanese universities seem to be good, compared with the top universities in the United States, there are the great gap! Also, although the US manufacturing industry does not look like, because the US manufacturing industry occupies the industry the top of the chain (added value and the highest profit), plus the huge domestic market advantage, the US manufacturing industry the total is still the world’s first. In addition, due to the long-term technological advantages, the United States occupied the research collar domain language advantage, any one scientific research workers (natural science) If you want to have achievements in the field of scientific research,Must be in English first, because most of the world’s research papers are written in English. any scientific research must be on the basis of predecessors, read the existing research papers. In other words, can not pass English, In the present society, even become a scholar (natural science) qualifications are not. Of course, not just China, but also Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Russia … American country Patent Office of the number of patent applications, many scientific research institutions as a measure of a national scientific research capacity and innovation of the most important indicators of competence (here to talk about the number of patents applied by the US National Patent Office, foreigners number of applications more than the Americans, although the Americans ranked first), therefore, no doubt, the United States today. The first science and technology power. I can even say that in the present world, any country and the United States than scientific research strength, are self-disgrace, or purely YYThe.

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