Top Features Buyers Look For in Long Island Homes?

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Whether you are planning to sell your Long Island home yourself (FSBO) or listing it with an agent, you should first seriously consider remodeling or simply giving a few features of the home a little upgrade. If you think this would be a waste of money, you’re dead wrong. Failing to make a few necessary upgrades can cost you more than the cost of the home improvements. Remodeling your home before you attempt to sell it, can mean the difference between getting multiple offers or getting none at all.

Deciding to remodel or upgrade your home is one thing but knowing which features buyers are looking for is a completely different story. Here are a few useful suggestions to give you an idea of what potential buyers in Long Island want in a new home.

·         Exterior lighting

The National Association of Home Builders states that this is one of the most sought after outdoor features by Long Island home buyers. 90% of buyers want to see exterior lighting before they can consider buying your property. Buying and installing exterior lighting will cost between $150 and $250 for each fixture.

·         Energy Star Windows

If you want your Long Island home to stand above the rest, replace your old windows with better energy efficient versions. Over 89% of homebuyers on Long Island want this feature primarily to save on their utility bills. The cost of purchasing and installing Energy Star Windows is around $270 to $800 per window depending on size and style of window.

·         A separate laundry room

93% of buyers in Long Island want a separate laundry room in their new home. This may not be a cheap upgrade but will surely draw potential buyers to your home. The renovation process which includes replacing cabinetry, flooring, sink, and countertops as well as painting and renovating the plumbing system could cost up to $3,200 for a space of 80 square feet.

·         A walk-in pantry

This has become a sought-after feature for Long Island homes for sale. It seems that today’s buyer is quite keen on having additional kitchen storage space. You could go a step further and provide more storage space to tuck away brooms and mops safely.


Other features most home buyers on Long Island are interested in include; garage storage space, eat-in kitchens, and a wireless home security system. With these features installed, you’ll have a better chance of selling your home at a good price than your competitors.   

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