Top Five Methods A Sales Person Should Use To Stay Positive!

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If your attitude is negative you would say he has failed 6.7 times out of 10. However the great players or in our case, the great Sales reps would turn it into a positive and say I have succeeded 3.3 times out of 10.

The great players in baseball do not stay in slumps very long. The reason for that is they head back to the dugout, reflect on what they did wrong and learn from it and by the time they are back on the field, they have already blocked it from their mind.

I remember when I first started in sales and I would run a lead that I did not close, it would tear me up inside. I would think about it all night and sometimes even on my way to my next lead. (How do you think that lead turned out ) Over time I realized I was not only hurting myself, but the company I worked for as well.

Now I realize no matter how great you are, you are always going to have weeks or months where you will get more numbers than a yes. That is the nature of our business. So how do you overcome the negative thoughts you feel when leaving a lead with no agreement signed from the customer?

Below are 5 things I try to do on every appointment I run. We all have our bad days and sometimes things just happen, however if you practice these 5 Methods you will become a better Sales Rep.1.

1.     Turn your negatives into a positive

When I leave a lead I did not close I reflect back on it for 10 minutes. I analyze what I could have done different, determine if I took any shortcuts, or if I missed any buying signs from the customer. Once I determine any mistakes made I make a mental note of things to change and rehearse them to focus on the positive and to avoid the negative.

Once those 10 minutes are up, I no longer think about what could have been. My focus now is on the next lead and knowing I just learned a lesson from not closing a deal excites me because now I know what not to do on the next lead.

The truth of the matter is this, if you leave that appointment feeling like you did everything the right way and did not take any shortcuts, then you have to block it from your mind and get ready to close the next big deal.

2. Never prejudge an appointment

This is something we all have done at one time or another. Especially new sales reps. This is the biggest mistake any of us could make. We all are aware some areas are nicer than others, however some of my biggest deals I have sold were from areas with low income, one leg appointments, or the words we all love to hear (I have 18 more estimates and you are the first ).

You should treat every lead the same and present the product to the customer the same way every time. As a General Manager the one word I hate hearing the most is IF. If I sale this deal, or if I can get out of this slump. That is one of the most negative statements you can make. When I first started I did the same thing.

My boss would always correct me and say you mean when. When you say IF you have already told yourself you are not sure you can do it. Practice every day to use the word WHEN . You will see it becomes contagious and everyone around you will soon start to follow.

3. Competition 

Competition between yourself and other Reps are great ways to stay focused and also create some fun throughout the office. I have a big board in my office that I write the Sales Reps. names on along with their leads ran, leads sold, and closing percentage. I do not do this to embarrass them.

I have noticed that Reps. were always asking what their closing percentage was, or how many leads they have sold. They would always ask how they were doing compared to the other reps. It motivated them to do better. By having the board up everyone can see how they are doing compared to everyone else.

Not only does it motivate them to get their numbers up, but it also eliminates the negative excuses that we have all heard. My leads just have not been that good well if 4 out of 5 are doing well running the same source of leads then that eliminates that excuse. 5 ways to be more competitive in sales have boosted my mind.

4. Always speak positive thoughts

My boss use to always say if you do not have anything positive to say then its best not to say anything at all. This includes while on a lead. People do not want to hear you bash the competition with negative thoughts, or speak bad about the company you work for.

This goes for the same around the office. If you or someone in the office is always negative then it is going to become the normal environment around you. Usually the person with the negative attitude is at the bottom of the list on the board. Positive thoughts turn into positive results.

5. Set realistic goals for yourself and track them

Make a future goals for yourself and beat them. I always look at my numbers at the end of the month and sometimes even at the end of the week. I then will set my expectations and goals for the following month.

It does you no good to set goals so high that you set yourself up to fail. It also does not benefit you to set them so low that you are beating them every time. The idea is to set a goal that is realistic and a challenge that can be accomplished. Then when you do meet your goals you have a sense of gratification.

I hope you find a few things out from this you can use in your own life our office.



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