Top reasons SMS marketing will work for your education institute

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A number of educational institutes are using SMS marketing either as a single marketing tool or as a part of comprehensive marketing technique. It is simple to understand why this approach has several advantages and has been shown to be one of the most effective channels of marketing in the present time. Here are a few reasons why SMS marketing works and it will work for your education institute too.

Direct and instant

Text messaging is direct and instant. People check their mobile phones very often, so your message will be read within minutes. SMS are sent directly to the clients, so you are able to establish a personal communication channel. Also, by setting a two-way communication channel, you can also receive messages directly from clients.

Easy to use and affordable

Affordability and ease to use are important factors that make SMS marketing work. Most bulk SMS services are quite reasonable. Some companies provide monthly plans for bulk SMS services. Not only the services are affordable, but creating messages is also very reasonable. No graphic or printing cost is involved and even it is easier to get started.  


Bulk SMS marketing also works for colleges and other industries because it is convenient. A large number of people carry their mobile phones always. So, when sending an update about an event or schedule of exam or any important reminder you can be rest assured about it getting read. Convenience is an important factor for your clients. Unlike emails in case of SMS you don’t need Internet connectivity or have to have a smartphone only.

Clients want it

SMS is not only a popular way to communicate with family and friends, people also use it for business communication. Almost 70% of clients want businesses to communicate with them via SMS.

Popularity of SMSing

Bulk SMSing is one of the most popular types of communication, especially amongst millennials. Approx 90% of American adults have smartphone and 81% use it for SMS and these figures are higher for youngsters. Similarly, in the UK, 93% of adults use a smartphone and on an average they send 117 SMS per month.

Established medium

SMS marketing is effective. As compared to email marketing, SMS marketing has up to 8 times more engagement rate. SMS also has open rate of almost 100% and a large number of people read them in a few minutes of receiving the text. Also, SMS has a higher conversion rate as compared to other marketing techniques.

Due to the nature of the bulk SMS, they offer a lucrative space for creating your marketing strategy. You are targeting your students, who are very much interested in knowing what is happening and when they must be present in their classes. So, start using bulk SMS now.

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