Top ten annoying driving that should be stopped

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Every driver has his peculiar way of driving. Older drivers, for example, tend to drive quite cautiously as compared to younger drivers. The same applies to female drivers; they are more careful on the road that male drivers. Also, some drivers tend to transfer their way of driving from one geographical location to another regardless of the differences in traffic rules, signals, and jams. Nonetheless, this article highlights a few habits that drivers need to correct when on the road, as some of these bad habits contribute to the increasing rate of road accidents in the country today.

  1. Use of cell phones when driving

Using your cell when on the wheel is not just against the traffic rules and regulations, but it is also hazardous and unethical to the driving code of ethics. Cellphones divide your concentration when driving. Plus, you need to use both hands on the wheel, and with a cell on board, this cannot be guaranteed.

  1. Passing lane driving

It is quite disturbing when you see people using the left lane on the highways for purposes it is not meant for. Most express lane drivers get their cars on that side just to irritate other drivers around them. Why they do this, I can’t tell, but the bottom line is that this habit is annoying and should correct.

  1. Slow turning

Have you ever experienced a driver who makes a turn so sluggishly that you wonder if they had a driving course or are on the road by chance? It is annoying and worse because some of them would even stop instead of just slowing down and make a cute turn.

  1. Lack of courtesy

I think courtesy goes a long way even when driving. Some drivers deliberately refuse others from entering traffic even when they can. Some even cut you off from the road and show you the middle finger after that (how rude?). The lack of common courtesy on our roads is quite alarming, and as a driver, you need to learn and understand that how you drive reflects your social skills. So, do not drive to compete but rather cooperate with others on the road so that each one of you can reach your destinations in one piece.

  1. Weaving

The weaving I am referring to is far from the erratic drunk driving we see on our highways. Instead, I am talking about the younger generation of drivers who tend to weave between lanes at an alarming speed. Weaving has become a common practice on our roads that if not corrected will continue to kill other innocent road users without mercy.

The DSA has a outlined set of rules and regulations of the road which is not that complicated. In fact, all these road safety rules and regulations are often a part of the UK driving tests that I believe each one of us passed before we got to be on the road. I wonder how people can choose to ignore this vital part of driving and just do as their mind dictates.


What I believe, is that driving should be made to look complicated. It ought to be quite enjoyable and straightforward. Unfortunately, a majority of road users cause it not to be. Again, this makes me wonder how many of us passed our driving tests. If you didn’t merit to be on the road, then I think it’s time you book a theory test online to refresh your skills and knowledge on road usage as a driver. 

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