Top Tips for Buying New Welding Equipment

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In welding, the equipment you use is essential. Skilled welders recognize, through training and experience that choosing the right tools for your project is essential. In fact, it can be the difference between falling in love with the trade, and never wanting to take on another welding project again.

However, there are a lot of options out there. It can become confusing to discern what factors will matter during actual use of the welding equipment, and what is included to just make sales. At we bring you a list of qualities and considerations that matter when buying new welding equipment.

Know What Welding Process You Will Use
The first thing a welder does is identify the welding his or her project requires. There are three broad categories of welding that are most commonly used outside structured, specified settings. The first, stick welding is common in home shops and personal projects, including for farm equipment and other agricultural needs. Often associated with stick welding is the older technique of arc welding. This is easier to learn, but often better for thicker, heavier metals.

Second, MIG welding/ Gas Metal welding are frequently employed on construction sites. This type of welding is efficient and creates minimal waste or mess. This makes it easier to cleanup and control. It is also an effective form of welding outdoors, as it can still be employed when windy or in other adverse conditions. Lastly, TIG welding/ Gas Tungsten Arc welding is employed when control and precision are needed. The process requires more skill but can be used on metal alloys to create thin and detailed results.

Evaluate the Different Welders
When it comes to a Welding Equipment Supplier Near Me or you, there are going to be a few brands mentioned with regularity. These brands all have solid reputations among experienced welders, but each person will have a favorite. The weight of the welding equipment can be a big consideration. Some people prefer equipment that is lighter and easier to manage, and these brands are often less expensive. However, highly experienced welders sometimes claim that a lighter welding machine is less reliable and more likely to need repairs.

The amount you plan to use the welding equipment and the intensity of your projects, along with the thickness and types of metal you plan to weld, will all help determine if a lighter welder can work for you. If it does, it could mean saving quite a bit of money.

Another consideration is evaluating the metal you intend to weld. Researching material being welded, thickness of that material, the time requirement to perform your welding activities, and of course, the type of welding you plan to do, as described above, will all lead you to a much more narrow selection of welding equipment. Lastly, consider where you will be welding, the size of the space, and whether it is indoor or outdoor. Certain welders are not designed to use in drafty or windy situations and can be eliminated from your choices.

Ultimately, you want to evaluate welding equipment based on your particular work, not reputation. The welder that best fits your needs will be the one offering the features needed to complete your projects.

Where to Shop
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