Treating the Oak Wilt Disease

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The Oak Wilt Disease is a fungal disease of the oak tree caused by fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum. Indications of the disease are usually discoloration of the leaves, wilting and defoliation leading to the death of the tree. It spreads from an infected tree to a healthy one either by insects or by connections between tree roots, through which it can affect more than one tree.

Early treatment methods of the disease involve infection prevention by avoiding tree wounds, removal of infected and diseased trees and breaking root connections with vibrating plows, trenchers or hoes. Modern methods are focused on areas of monocultures and using soil to restore the ecosystem. Fungicide treatments for the oak tree are preventative and are available for use in both rural & urban areas as well as suburbs and cities. Oak wilt disease has been to adversely impact timber production and habitat of oak trees in both rural and urban areas.

Oak wilt disease spreads in two ways: 1). Transfer by way of spores from an infected tree to a healthy tree and vice versa, and 2). Transmission of a virus through root grafts.

Spores are spread by insects and movement of the fungus through root graft which in turn can affect more than one tree. If the conditions are optimal after the oak has wilted and died, the fungal mats serve as spore production that is formed under tree barks. The disease is also spread via root graft and this happens to be the most common means of disease transmission. Trees even as far as 50 feet from an infected tree are bound to be infected via oak wilt disease through root graft as the roots can become interconnected with those of nearby oak trees. Spores produced in infected trees can travel through the vascular tissue of all oak trees

Done Right Tree Service has tremendous expertise when it comes to treating infections and diseases of Oak Trees. Based in Magnolia Gause, Texas; they are well versed in treating the oak wilt virus in the state of Texas and have the necessary medicines & equipment as well as fertilizers to treat the oak wilt disease.



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