Trip to Ladakh

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Ladakh is the land of ultimate natural ecstasy. With the milky white monasteries at the laps of snowy mountains, warm hearted hospitality amidst shivering cold, adrenaline boosting trekking through mystic forests, Ladakh completes your tour to India.

The surreal scenic beauty

Open your eyes to the spell binding beauty of saline waters at the Pangong Lake. As the White Mountains reflect over the blue waters, the water reservoir becomes a photographer’s love. When the lake freezes during winters, it becomes ideal for ice skating. Read the Travel Guide of Pangong Lake and explore more about it.  

Your next destination can be the Tso Moriri, the sweet water lake. As you travel 15000 feet high to check out the crystalline waters, the deep green vegetation all round the lake is a pleasant surprise in the rugged terrain of Ladakh.

Have you ever travelled on a car without ignition? If not, be at the Magnetic hill of Ladakh to drive over the steep slopes with the natural magnetic power of the hills.

Nubra Valley with its carpet of bright aromatic flowers is just like scenery out of your childhood drawing book. The sand dunes of the Nubra Valley are an amazing experience at the snow land of Ladakh.

The magnificent monasteries

Ladakh is a unique place where you find the blend of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhist cultures. The serenity of the place attracted monks and hence the whole of Ladakh is dotted with several monasteries. Besides being the largest monastery of Ladakh, the Hemis monastery is also the seat of the colourful religious festival, Hemis Tsechu. The rare paintings and the large Buddha statue of the monastery are precious.

The Shanti Stupa, located at the high altitude of 4267 metres, is a pure white structure offering panoramic views of the surroundings. Prayers truly come out from the deep core of your heart as the sun rises here from behind the snow Cladded Mountains and the sky plays with colours.

Be at the Lamayuru and Alchey moastery to check out the ancient wall paintings, which are excellent examples of bright coloured mural paintings.

The exciting trekking trips

The steep slopes and the undulating land of Ladakh is a challenge to any adventure sports lover. While the Zanskar and Marka valleys are heavens for trekkers, the Stok Kangri and the Kangyaze Peak are considered best for mountaineering. The gushing waters of Zanskar and Indus River excite the white water rafters. Who can imagine a camel ride a snowy land! Yes, Ladakh is the only place where you can enjoy a fun ride over a two humped camel.

The Khardungla Pass is the highest motor road of the world and hence a must visit for every bike rider. The soft green grass of the Leh Polo ground beckons tourists to enjoy a game of Polo while sports lovers cannot miss a round of archery, the traditional sport of Ladakh.

The culinary delicacies

Enjoy steaming local brew, known as Chang, butter or salt tea as the snow covers the hills and valleys of Ladakh. The pan shape khambir bread serves as an ideal breakfast while the wheat, barley combination of Paba and Tangtur forms the staple food of Ladakh. Skyu is another delicacy of the place, a blend of wheat, meat and vegetables. While on trekking trips, tourists generally love to enjoy the fast cooked food of thentuk, the noodle soup which is yummy when mixed with yak mutton. Thukpa is another famous noodle soup which originated from Tibet. Savour hot minced meat wrapped momos dipped in homemade sauce, enjoying the snow.


Hence, Ladakh is a favourite among mountain lovers for its natural bliss and heart warming home stays.

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