Types and Uses of Portable Display Systems

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Portable exhibit display systems are lightweight, transportable, and handy display methods to brand the company’s name, products, and services in an efficient manner. Portable exhibits are customised according to the requirements of the companies in order to spread the company name and secure a strong customer base for them. Trade show displays Australia are used in trade fairs or trade exhibitions by the companies.

Show Displays Australia

Benefits of Using Portable Exhibit Display Systems



Portable exhibits are greatly advantageous to the users in a number of ways:
•    They are lightweight and are easily transported from one place to another.
•    They are the budget-friendly mode of display systems.
•    They are easily maintained and require less labour.
•    They are easy to install and dismantle.
•    They are robust and extremely durable.
•    They are extremely versatile and can be custom designed to cater to the needs of the users.
•    They reach out to a larger audience and give better media coverage.
•    They ensure a clear-cut increase in the company’s sales.
•    They are unique and stand out in the crowd having a strong visual appeal among the customers in trade shows

portable exhibit display systems.

Types of Trade Show Displays Australia

There are different types of portable exhibit display systems to be used in trade exhibitions. Following are a few different types of portable displays that are popularly used by companies:

•    Tension Fabric Displays:
This display system includes graphical artwork done on dye sublimation fabrics that are tightly attached to metal panels or frames to hold the fabrics in place.

•    Banner Stands:
These are extremely flexible, customisable, and convenient modes of pop up display stands.

•    Pop Up Displays:
Pop up displays are basically graphical fabrics or panels attached to spring rollers enabling a pop-up mechanism of display.

•    Outdoor Display Systems:
Outdoor displays are durable and strong and are ideal exhibit systems for product advertisements outdoors on a large scale.

•    Table Throws:
Table throws or tabletop displays include customised graphic fabrics branding the company name by utilizing the available space on the tables.

•    Portable Counters:
Portable counters are largely used trade show displays Australia and are very easy to set up and disassemble. These are used for advertising the company on a large scale.
Portable display systems are extremely convenient and user-friendly. They reduce labour cost and save time and energy as they are easy to set up and dismantle. You can avail any display systems for yourselves to advertise your company and products according to your requirements.

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