Types Of Lighting Fixtures And Light Bulbs In Your Home

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There are three basic types of light fixtures that work in tandem in any home.  But the performance of any fixture of lighting depends on the light source used. There are also different types of lighting sources in use.

The three basic types of lighting fixtures in a home are:

·         General or ambient lighting

·         Accent lighting

·         Task lighting

 A good lighting plan combines all three types of lighting. Keep this in mind while hanging lamps online shopping India. The types are:

Ambient Lighting

It provides an area with complete illumination. Also referred to as general lighting, it provides a comfortable level of light without any glare and makes it safe to walk and see. In some rooms like laundry room, ambient light can serve as the crucial source of task lighting.

Fixtures include wall mounted or ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, track or recessed lights and lanterns fixed outside the home. An ideal lighting plan incorporates a central font of ambient light.

Accent Lighting

This lighting creates visual interest in a room and element of drama. It is used as per a scheme of interior design and used to draw attention to paintings, sculptures, house plants and other such prized possessions. It can be made use of for highlighting texture of stone or brick wall, outdoor landscaping and window treatments.

For effectiveness, accent lighting needs three times the amount of light directed towards the focal point compared to the ambient light surrounding it. The Accent lighting is provided typically by track lighting and recessed lighting or even picture lights which are wall mounted.

Task Lighting

It helps in promoting specific tasks like grooming, reading, cooking or preparing food, practicing hobbies, balancing checkbook and playing games. It can be given by track and recessed lighting, under cabinet and pendant lighting and also by portable desk lamps and floor lamps.

 Task lamps are mostly free of shadows and glares. They must have enough brightness to avoid strain in the eyes. Examples are luxury table lamps.


The performance of the light fixture depends on the light bulb used. Different types of light bulbs produce various lighting effects. Different types of bulbs are:

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

LED’s produce light when voltage is directed to semi conductors which are negatively charged and results in making electrons to combine and make a photon- a unit of light. LED lighting is more durable and efficient than other sources of light. It is popular in some down lights and under-cabinet strips.

Incandescent Lights

Such bulbs produce light when an electric current is passed via a filament, causing it to glow. Since they are less energy efficient than other light bulbs, they are mostly used for task lighting which needs lots of brightness.

Fluoroscent Lights

Such bulbs produce light when an electric arc is passed via cathodes for exciting mercury and other gases which produce radiant energy that is converted to visible light through a coating of Phosphor.

They use around 1/3 rd the energy of incandescent and are 20 times more durable.


These are the major types of lighting fixtures and light bulbs in use in modern homes.

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