Up Your Game with These Poker Podcasts

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To win at poker, one needs to constantly cultivate their skill. Read here to know some of the best poker podcasts that you need to listen to improve your game.  


Podcasts have become the new norm for sharing information. Created typically in a series, these audio files are a great way to connect with people and divulge in some trade skills. Experts across various industries and sectors can be seen emerging with a podcast of their own, and the world of poker hasn’t been left behind. With numerous podcasts emerging for this globally loved card game, finding the best ones can be quite time consuming. Here, we narrow down the list and bring you the poker podcasts that you need to be listening to.  

Poker Central Podcast

Poker Central is the perfect choice for individuals hoping to get comprehensive information about the poker lifestyle. This podcast offers detailed insights throughout the World Series of Poker and keeps players updated about the latest news, tournament details, as well as any titbits of gossip heard during the series. Poker Central also follows the lifestyle of VIP’s in this sector and high-rollers while giving its listeners a behind the scenes look at these trendsetting experts.

PokerNews Podcast

A leading podcast in the poker world, PokerNews is the hub of information for every aspect of poker. This series delves into the details of the game and covers all the latest trends and poker strategies. Crew members are also known to host some podcasts from the location of the games thus keeping listeners abreast of all the latest developments as they occur. Some of the hosts over the years have included Donnie Peters, Sarah Herring, and Matthew Parvis, to name a few.

The Mental Game Podcast

Formulating poker strategies is all about the mind game and no one gets it better than the Mental Game Podcast. The audio files here get into the complexities of this aspect of the poker game while also inviting poker experts as guests for tips that have worked well for them. A major reason for the success of this podcast is that it allows listeners to share their problems and queries which are addressed on the show.

Daniel Negreanu Podcast

A recent but powerful entry to the poker podcast arena, Daniel Negreanu’s channel is a must for all poker players. He looks at poker tournaments from the business perspective while analysing the trends of sponsorship on his channel. He also aims to bring in poker experts on his podcasts for intricate understanding of the game.

Ante Up PokerCast

One of the longest running poker podcasts, the Ante Up PokerCast has been around since 2005. Here, hosts Chris Cosenza and Scott Long cover a wide variety of topics and poker titbits that aren’t found anywhere else. They discuss poker strategies, common mistakes, latest updates and everything of relevance for a poker player. They also bring in in-depth interviews with some of the best poker experts for hot tips and tricks.

Bernard Lee Poker Show

A well-known name in poker circles, Bernard Lee has been a poker veteran for a while and placed 13th in the 2005 World Series of Poker. He has played enough tournaments to know the intricate details of the game while also having inroads into this world with his contacts that few podcasts can boast of. He analyses latest trends and strategies from a player’s perspective in a way that can actually help listeners improve their poker game. In addition, he is known for bringing in some of the most exclusive poker guests on his show.

Online Poker Game

Whether you are a beginner or a master at playing Poker online, this is one of the best platform to play poker. As a beginner, start with free games and then move on to play Poker with real money. Advanced players can choose from a host of online Poker tournaments 

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