Update Boring Rooms with Metallic Touches

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It can be difficult to make a lived-in home look fresh again. Great interior design can require expensive and all-too-frequent remodeling or a level of design creativity reserved for experts, who charge a great deal of money for their services. However, there is one quick and simple remedy for any outdated, boring room in your home: metal. Here’s how adding a brushed nickel light switch and other metallic features can elevate your interior style today.

All-Too-Common Materials

A great tip for good, contemporary design is to mix materials. Look around at the construction of your sofa, desk, table, art, and accessories. You might see a great deal of soft fabric products, including seating, pillows, a bed, and throws. You might also see plenty of wood or imitation wood. Most dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, and entertainment centers are constructed of wood or imitation wood. While this mix of plenty of hard and soft materials offers basic functionality, these 2 materials are too simple to carry a good design scheme. 

Metal: The Forgotten Material

Metal offers a solution. Just adding a third material into the mix instantly adds interest, new texture, and diverse coloring to any room. However, because most furniture you find online or in stores consists of soft fabric and wood, metal furniture is rare. Metallic furniture and decor have a contemporary but versatile appearance that makes them the perfect remedy for dull or old-fashioned rooms.

Metal Swaps to Try Today

Your TV and cable box, while they contain metal, do not qualify as décor—quite the opposite, actually. Some great swaps to incorporate metal into your interior include glass-and-metal cocktail tables, brass lamps, steel pendant lights, iron barstools, and nickel wallplates. Just switching out your standard white plastic wallplate with a bold, brushed nickel light switch and plate makes a huge difference. Just as curtains bring attention to your windows, high-quality metallic plates add a significant amount of style in an underutilized fashion. 

Switch Out Switches


While you may not be ready to invest in brand-new furniture or staple bronze plating onto your ceiling, it’s easy and inexpensive to invest in metallic wallplates and switches. The brushed nickel light switch offers seamless beauty, the firm durability you’d expect from metal, and classic styling that has made nickel a choice building material for ages. Shop for wallplates online and you’ll see for yourself how this simple swap can make a huge difference in any room. 

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