Useful Ideas for Fancy Dress Costumes for Her and Him

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Ideas for Fancy Dress Costumes

Themed parties are much more fun as everyone comes in fancy dress costume and ‘becomes’ that character for the night. The fun begins even before the party when you and your friends shop for the latest costumes and the range is huge if you choose a good costume store.

Dress for a Group Look or Individual style. Let’s look at both options separately.

A group of friends can all choose from a single theme such as…

  • Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid the four members of Abba for that 70’s look 
  • The cast of Grease is fantastic if you want to step back to 1950 High School era
  • Anakin, Yoda, Leia, Luke Skywalker or even R2-D2 from Star Wars are futuristic options for a mix of sci-fi and fantasy
  • Or perhaps you’d prefer a broader choice such as Hawaiian, Western, Adventurer, Uniformed or Fairytale

You will find an exceptional collection of individual / couple costumes in good party shops such as…

  • Gangsters and Superheroes
  • Sailors and Cartoon Characters
  • Personalities from public life such as presidents and film stars

Regardless of your choice in group themes, its amazing fun to go shopping together, fit the outfits and mix / match all the accessories. 

Children’s Fancy Dress Costumes

Nobody does it better than kids when it comes to dressing up for the party and there are a wide range of outfits such as characters from their favourite TV show, Disney Cartoons and role playing costumes such as doctors, nurses, angels and fairies.

Dressing up for Halloween

Halloween is a time when adults and children dress up to be the most grotesque possible. Black is the usual colour coupled with orange and these are accessorised with cobwebs, ghoulish weapons, face-paints, latex scars, broom sticks and masks. 

Regardless of the time of year or the occasion for the party, be sure you get the best fancy dress costume by browsing online or taking time to visit a good party shop where you can see the entire range, fit them on and get your accessories all in one stop.

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