Using a Blackhead Extractor For Short-Term Blackhead Relief

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Annoying as they are, blackheads can be impossible to completely eradicate. They frequent the areas where oil and dead skin cells build up – along the skin pores. Once they get infected by bacteria, that’s the time you’ll notice them spreading to other parts of your nose, ears, forehead and body.


Before, these little devices in getting rid of blackheads are only used by professional skin therapists or dermatologists. They it to carefully lever our blackheads and blockages from the skin. These tools are usually made from stainless steel material and have a central hole as well as a scoop-shaped end. Now, you can use them even at home.


The reasons why you need to remove blackheads are the fact that they don’t look good on the skin, they are proof of unhealthy skin, they spread like a disease to other parts of the body and they have a tendency to become full-blown acne. To completely remove them, you need to go deeper into the skin and resolve the problem there – an over active sebaceous glands that produce excess oils, which results to the clogging of the skin pores. Aside from medications like Pronexin or Acneticin, there is also ClearPores, which has herbal ingredients and is proven to be effective in treating stubborn blackheads as well as acne. These are the best medications that treat this problem on a long-term note.


However, if you’re looking for quick relief against blackheads, the best method is to use a acne extractor. There are four types of blackhead extractors:


Double Spoon Blackhead Extractor – This is the best blackhead extractor for beginners and those with large blackheads. It can give less injury to your skin. It has an end that is spoon-shaped – having numerous holes that are basically meant for taking-out small blackheads.


Blackhead Extractor with Lancet – This is the most common variety of blackhead extractors used today. It features two ends. One has a hole and the other is used for excreting dirty materials out.


Eight-in-One Blackhead Extractor Kit – This kit has a single loop extractor, a double loop extractor and a fine loop extractor. It also has two lancets with different sizes. It has everything you need to deal with those problem-causing blackheads.


Fine Loop Blackhead Extractor – It features two ends similar to loops. It can treat both blackheads and whiteheads.


The best way to use a extractor is to initially steam the skin, then to exfoliate before taking out the blackheads using the extractor. It is very important to open the pores before exfoliating the skin. This way, you can easily scrub out the dead skin and take out other debris blocking the pores. You can now remove the oils clogging it.


It is better to use the blackhead extractor when the skin is soft. This will prevent causing more damage to the skin as you rub or take -out those blackheads. By practicing good cleansing habits like using an astringent and toner, this will help keep your skin healthy – free from oils, grease, dirt and other contaminants. Thus, if there’s nothing to clog the pores, then there’s no blackhead to worry about.


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