Various Types of UAE Visas

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To visit any foreign country, apart from having a passport, the traveller also has to obtain a valid visa from the country that they are visiting. The process of getting a visa has been made very straightforward through online visa application. There are several sorts of visas that can be obtained. The type of visa that the traveller should apply for usually depends on the purpose of the visit. Various documents have to be furnished while applying for a visa. The specific document requirements rely on the country to be visited and their laws. It also depends on the kind of visa one is applying for. The documents further need to be attested to verify the authenticity.

looking for certificate attestation for UAE

In case of UAE visas, the personal, educational certificates issued by the home country need to be notarised by UAE Embassy or Consulate to validate the content of the particular document, which then is further attested by Home Department. Once this is done, the reports are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE’s government. While this sounds like a lengthy procedure, looking for certificate attestation for UAE is not that difficult as there are various websites dedicated to just this purpose which can help one through the process getting a UAE visa.

Different UAE Visas and the Mandatory Required

Transit Visa: This is issued when the traveller makes a stop at Abu Dhabi airport for a maximum of 96 hours on their way to a third destination. Certain criteria are to be met to qualify for such visas, such as: the traveller should have a confirmed booking for the third destination and should have confirmed hotel accommodation. The stop should be more than 8 hours and not more than four days. Once the criteria are met the traveller has to provide the following:

1.    Copy of passport – the bio page with full name, nationality, issue and expiry date of the passport, date and place of birth etc. The copy should be a colour copy including the passport number. The passport must be valid for at least six months.

2.    Photograph – Colour photograph with white background of the size 4.3 x 5.5 cms

3.    Tickets – Confirmed ticket for Abu Dhabi as well as the third destination.

4.    Application form – completed and signed.

5.    Hotel Accommodation – This is a must for Transit Visa

Tourist Visa: There are three kinds of tourist visas. The first kind is standard tourist visa for a visit not longer than 30 days. The second kind is a multiple entry visa. The third type is a long-term tourist visa, this is for stays longer than 30 days. Such visas require sponsorship from a UAE resident, and are available for selected countries only. Mandatory requirement for first and second kind of tourist visa is same as 1 – 4 in the previous section. The additional mandatory requirement for a long term tourist visa:

1.    Valid resident visa copy of the host

2.    ID copy of the host

3.    Local contact number and email of the host

Service Visa – Such visas are applicable for few categories such as sales representatives, company manager’s representatives, account auditors, consultants hired by companies based in UAE and delegates. These visas are valid for 14 days. It is also applicable for families of the visitor. Mandatory requirement for such visa is same as 1 – 4 in the first section.

The visa application can be made online, and the form can be filled online. While looking for certificate attestation for UAE one can find many websites that assist in getting the documents attested through all the stages without much hassle. Such websites expedite the process of obtaining the visa and are highly recommended.   

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