Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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Imagine hundreds of frantic shoppers in one room all searching for great deals on purses, bags and other miscellaneous items. This is a basic description of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Vera Bradley is a handbag company that offers many different popular styles and designs of purses. Make certain to inspect out the travel luggage evaluation at americanviptours if you’re preparing this trip.


Upon arriving at the Ft. Wayne Memorial Colosseum, one can see that the line of people has wrapped itself through the parking lot several times. Although the doors to the sale don’t open until eight a.m., some people have already been standing in line for several hours. Because of the rain most shoppers carry their Vera Bradley Umbrellas. There are a select few who cam unprepared for the unpredictable Indiana weather.

Registration for the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

By preregistering, a shopper can save a few minutes of time and enter the main doors to the room without the hassle of registering in the lobby. Registration isn’t required to get into the sales room, but it is required at checkout.

Preregistering for the sale offers the customer a $10 off coupon for purchases of $50 dollars or more. This allows the customer to cover the cost of the preregistration fee of $5The Vera Bradley Company specifically prohibits the resale of any items purchased at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. It also limits purchases to $2,500.

Preregistration in available online during the months before the sale.

Availability of items in the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

In the huge salesroom there are 6 rows of tables that seem to stretch on endlessly. They have been organized by the dedicated workers of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Each row has a different color of balloon and each table is organized by number. The Vera Bradley Company also provides shoppers with a map of where items can be found in the room. Customers have been given big pink trash bags upon entering, that are used to support breast cancer awareness. The bags fill quickly as shoppers eagerly search for bargains.

The larger items like the extra-large tote and the extra-large duffel are usually sold out within the first few days of the sale. The Vera Bradley Company doesn’t save back any of the stock to use on the last days. Once a table runs out of items they bring out boxes full of the bags and refill it.

Colors available at the sale were, but were not limited to:

  • Cupcakes green/pink
  • Purple punch
  • Riviera Blue
  • Mesa Red
  • Mediterranean blue/white
  • Hope Garden
  • Blue Rhapsody
  • Paprika
  • Symphony in Hue
  • Imperial Toile
  • Bali blue/gold
  • Calypso
  • Mosaic
  • Caffe Latte
  • Puccini
  • Yellow Bird
  • Raspberry Fizz
  • Mod Floral pink/blue
  • Frankly Scarlet
  • Night owl
  • Riviera Blue
  • Peacock
  • Cambridge
  • Kensington
  • Botanica
  • Pink Elephants

There were also various special edition collections and microfiber products available at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.

Tips to keep in mind

It is important to remain polite and courteous while shopping. On Friday during the Vera Bradly Outlet Sale, the sale had to be stopped three times due to the fighting customers.

Shoppers are not allowed to stand and sort in certain areas of the salesroom due to fire codes. The allotted sort time is 15 minutes. Customers may discard any unwanted items at check out.

Listen to the loudspeaker or check your internet enabled phone for the latest deals and markdowns during the sale. The announcements will include the color of balloon and the number of the table where the markdown is happening


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