Vintage Style: 10 Modern Re-Editions of Vintage Watches

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Vintage watches are becoming more and more popular by the day. In fact, they seem to be having their very own moment in the sun when it comes to the watch world these days. There are a lot of brands that have been releasing their older classics. In this article, we will be taking a look at 10 vintage watches that have been modernized and are taking the world by storm. In a lot of cases, you will be wondering whether it is a new watch or old.

1.       Alpina Heritage Pilot Chronograph Automatic: This watch comes with a very simple air to it as most vintage watches should. With a leather strap and a gold frame, it gives you the classic look that every classic man should have.

Imagini pentru 1. Alpina Heritage Pilot Chronograph Automatic

2.      Cartier Tank Louis Cartier: Cartier watches always have a rich history to them and this particular watch is no different. You can wear this to all dinner occasions and its simple rectangular face isn’t too cumbersome

Imagini pentru Cartier Tank Louis Cartier

3.       Glashutte Original Series: This watch was inspired by the Spezimatic watches that became legendary in the early 60s. Definitely one watch that you would definitely love to have on your wrist at all times.

Imagini pentru Glashutte Original Series

4.       Tag Heuer Monaco: This watch bears a striking resemblance to the original Heuer Monaco but it isn’t exactly the same thing. It was launched in the year 1875 and has even the older Tag Heuer logo that people loved.

Imagini pentru Tag Heuer Monaco

5.       Jaeger Lecoultre Grande Reverso: This slim rectangular style watch is the best for the classic man. Just like the original, it has only one logo on the dial and that is the Reverso signature.

Imagini pentru Jaeger Lecoultre Grande Reverso

6.       Longines Twenty-four Hours: It wouldn’t quite be the list if we didn’t mention this particular watch from Longines. This watch comes with a historical pilot theme to it and it has a unique 24-hour dial that was made for the pilots in the 50s.

Imagini pentru Longines Twenty-four Hours

7.       Panerai Radiomir California 3 days: This very simple brown leather watch is the modern Panerai replica watch. It was made with the historical Radiomir that dates back to the 40s.

Imagini pentru Panerai Radiomir California 3 days

8.       Rado Diastar: This watch is a classic that not many people of this generation know about. It was first presented in 1962 which was just five years after the company was founded.

Imagini pentru Rado Diastar

9.       Tissot Heritage Navigator: This watch has a design that was re- edited for the 160th anniversary of the Tissot company.

Imagini pentru Tissot Heritage Navigator


       Vulcain Cricket Nautical: Another classic watch that was made for the cricketers’ decades ago. It also comes with a nautical theme.

Imagini pentru Vulcain Cricket Nautical

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