Wearing shoes for wearing shoes

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The end of 2016, a net posts “due to wear Nike shoes was canceled grants” caused widespread concern in society. The author said the university has a classmate, the family live frugally for several months to buy him a pair of doubles Nike shoes, he was regarded as treasures. But then the student grants eligible to be canceled, because “poor students should have poor students look.”

Ma Jianbin said, welcomed the media supervision, in order to facilitate our improvement and improvement of work. So we usually pay attention to media reports. “This is the first time I saw this last year, we see after trying to understand which school in the end what happened, is what happened to the students.The purpose of our search is to ensure that eligible students to receive funding. Even though we are working hard, who is the last post who sent, and who did this, did not find it.

Ma Jianbin said that from the inside of this incident, there are two points we need to pay attention: one is the amount of our basic knowledge of life and life. National student funding is to ensure that students basic learning and living needs, so students should not be encouraged to spend more money on unnecessary consumption, so as not to affect their learning and life. Second, it is recommended that the relevant departments to check the source of this post, to avoid the emergence of someone in the future for some interest, such as business purposes, the use of social concern for vulnerable groups, intends to create topics, malicious speculation.

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