Web Application Security – Best Practices

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If you run a website, and have web applications running on it that collect sensitive customer information, then you know how important security is.  The web, nowadays, are full of people with malicious intent who may actually be trying to get to your information where it can be used for identity theft, fraud, or simply to be sold to clients who are looking for this data to use for advertising and marketing purposes.  Whatever the reason, you need to keep your site and your applications safe and secure.

Here are some of the best practices you can do when it comes to website application security:

Have a Web Application Security Plan

Make sure that you sit down with an IT security team to discuss what is needed to make your site, your application, and the data you have as secure as possible. By sitting down with an IT security team, you can also determine what needs to be prioritized and what can be done later instead of simply trying to shore up security as you go along.  Doing the latter can be long, tedious, and very inefficient.

Have an Inventory of your Web Applications

Your company may actually be using tons of web applications, and some of them may even be rogue applications or applications that are not sanctioned by the company.  It is best to actually have an inventory of what is being used and for what purpose.  You will also find that sometimes that there are several applications that are actually redundant and can be removed from use in your systems.  

Set Priorities on which Applications to Work on first

Once you have had an inventory of your applications, now is the time to set priorities on which applications need to be secured first.  If you don’t have a priority, you will struggle with which to work on first and what needs to be done in terms of web application security.



Now one of the things you need to check is source code security.  Is the source code of these applications really secure or not?  Now there are many tools for code review and you can check out by searching online for use of their services.  You may also get static analysis security checks and dynamic security checks to really make sure that you cover all the bases.


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