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Web Application Security

The knowledge to counter cyber attacks

City: Web application security refers to a set of methods, best practices, and policies that need to be put in place to protect an organization’s assets. Mostly, the assets that need to be protected are the data, servers, application, network, etc. However, the most important asset is the reputation of an organization that takes a severe beating when hacking occurs. It is important for organizations to have a web application security checklist to be used for ensuring the safety of their assets, both tangible and intangible.

Hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in the system, network, web application, web servers, or web services. Amazingly, almost all the hacking that happens is because of known vulnerabilities. This just means that the software developers need to implement their web application security best practices better. There are a lot of tools available that help to incorporate this. The safest thing to do would be to incorporate any web application security testing tools to ensure thoroughness while checking the code.

Building secure web applications

To build secure web applications, it is essential to first identify as many of the potential threats and vulnerabilities as possible that the application may encounter. The web application design needs to ensure that all these known vulnerabilities are handled. The architecture adopted needs to be an extremely resilient one. A web application security checklist helps in this leaving as little scope for the hackers to penetrate as possible.

With a solid architecture, then the onus is on developers to apply the web application security best practices while developing the code. With a little discipline and the help of web application security testing tools, it is easy to ensure that the code is secure and can resist cyber-attacks. The most important factor is to ensure that the web application security testing tool that is used is a highly reliable and time tested one.

Security aspects

The various aspects of security that need to be tackled as part of the web application security best practices are authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, auditing, and availability. It is the vulnerabilities of a system in any of the listed aspects that expose loopholes to help the hackers. The most common form of hacking is to get hold of authentication and authorization information to gain entry. This is then used to compromise the confidentiality of the system and at times, make it unavailable. One of the most widely applied practice as part of the web application security checklistis to run the application with the least possible privilege. When this is coupled with security checks at every possible stage, especially when handling sensitive data, the hacking can be curbed to a great extent.

It is important to secure every aspect of the system, including the network, the server etc. It also helps to educate the employees about the importance of web application security and its various aspects. Knowledge is power, and it should be used to counter hackers and improve cyber security.


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