Wedding Flower Musings: Important Tips while Choosing Wedding Bouquet

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Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting task of wedding planning, but sometimes it can be an overwhelming task. They bring the whole picture together with lovely colors and style. Moreover, flowers provide the sweet scents to whisk through the air on your special day. 

Wedding Flowers Bouquet is an integral part of any wedding. Wedding or Bridal Bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory for a bride. It is more than just a simple costume accessory. It is a focal point of the bride’s ensemble and a bride wants to carry their wedding bouquet with her at the end of the wedding ceremony. So, the bride’s bouquet needs to be something special.

Bridal bouquet may increase the beauty of the bride. There are so many beautiful flowers that you can choose from to make a beautiful wedding bouquet. For example, Roses, Call Lilies, Lilies, Orchids, Succulents, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tulips, and many others. The blooms should ideally be in season on your wedding day and perfectly match with your color scheme. These flowers have the ability to add the beauty, scent, and color of your big day. 

Carrying a wedding bouquet is a tradition and it is considered as a sign of happiness. In ancient times, generally, wedding bouquets were made from pungent herbs, spices, chives, garlic and strongly smelled flowers. Because there was the belief that an evil spirit, ill health, and bad luck could stay away from the bride with the help of their wedding bouquet. 

To choose the perfect wedding bouquet, I have written some important tips that will surely help you.

1. Choose your wedding gown first

Before choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet, its good to choose your dress. Because once you’ve selected your wedding gown, then your florist will help you to choose the right flowers and make the perfect bouquet for you. The final design and floral components of your bouquet will completely depend on the style, shape, color and details of your wedding gown. So, when you meet your florist for a consultation, remember to bring a picture or small swatch of our dress.

2. Consider the shape and size of the bouquet

Basically, if the bouquet is too big it will be difficult to manage. The wedding bouquet is meant to emphasize the wedding dress, not hiding it. However, if there is good detail work on your wedding dress, then the large wedding bouquets can obscure it and defeat the purpose of wearing such an elaborately designed gown. To avoid this, you have to choose some smaller bouquet types such as the round cluster bouquet, and hand-tied bouquets as they are very popular. In these bouquets, you can use different types of flowers with different colors. But, always make sure that the bouquet is perfectly going with your wedding gown. 

3. Color coordination

The color of flowers that you want to use in your wedding bouquet is one of the most important things to consider. Generally, white, ivory and cream colored flowers are work well with all wedding dresses. The flowers of your bouquet should match with all the flower arrangements of your wedding. There is an infinite range of colors and shapes you can choose from. Your florist can help you to choose the right variety and color of blooms to work well with the perfect color of your wedding gown.

4. Choose seasonal blooms :

Flowers have a language all their own and most of the flowers have their significant meanings. Only a few wedding flowers are available throughout the year. While others won’t be available at all the times of the year. If you choose non-seasonal flowers for your wedding bouquet, they can be more expensive than the seasonal flowers. Ask your florist to help you to find the most suitable and attractive seasonal blooms to incorporate your wedding bouquet.

The perfect wedding bouquet is an important part of every bride’s wedding ensemble. Always select flowers that suit your wedding dress and the local environment of your wedding venue, which has the ability to express your style and personality on your big day.

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