What are Releasable Cable Ties

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Cable ties are also known wire ties, hose ties, zap strap, and zip ties; which are used for holding wiring together in business, commercial and industrial use. Since they are quite affordable and are easy to use, cable ties are present everywhere; used in a wide variety of tasks, work & applications, and are made of either stainless steel (Naked or Coated), plastic or nylon and cater for exterior application as well as hazardous environments.

Most cable ties are usually made of nylon and have a teethed flexible tape section that engages with a pawl in the head forming a ratchet so that it can tighten the cable by pulling and can also be released later on after usage. Releasable cable ties are those that have tabs pressed to release the ratchet in order for the cable tie to be loosened, removed and even reused. Releasable cable ties are heavy, medium and light duty, and are made of both Nylon and Metal. They are for all kinds of use.

Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable cable ties are also available for heavy duty purposes, and are produced for use in heavy industries such as airplane production, automotive production, steel making, metal works, and transportation of heavy goods, lumber transport and other heavy industry work.

Most releasable cable ties have been put in commercial and business use, particularly in keeping hold of wires, pipes, tools and other movable materials that cannot be stored properly in cabinets. Since they are releasable and reusable, they are ideal for industrial use as well especially in logistics and transport. With the aid of these, most businesses can now transport logs, wood, wires, papers and other goods involving usage of cable ties as means of tying the goods in one place without having to use irregular ropes.

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