What are the best locations for security cameras in your office

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Security is one of the most important elements for the growth of all businesses. You not only need to secure your business place, but you have to give this assurance to all of your employees as well. To offer this feeling, you can install security cameras in your office at strategic locations. In case, you want to know what are the best locations for the security cameras in your office here is the answer for you.

Reception area Usually, the reception area is the main entrance for all the employees, customers and visitors in any office. Having a security camera in this area gives you an assurance that everyone who enters in your office gets recorded in the camera. To make it efficient and practical, you can use some cover cameras that you can install at face height so you can record their faces effectively.

Parking Lots According to various studies, maximum cases of burglary, theft, and abuse happen in the parking lots. If parking is underground or away from regular traffic, chances of these criminal activities increase by many folds. Installing a security camera in a parking lot can give the feeling of safety to all of your employees.

Break rooms or lounge In any office break room or lounge area is the most common place for a fight, disagreement, and harassment.  You can install the camera at these places with an open sign of monitoring to avoid such incidents in your office. It can give the feeling of safety to some employees and others will stay warned, and they won’t make any stupid mistake.

Supply rooms Many studies proved that businesses lose their profit due to stealing of small supplies such as pens’ paper and similar things from the supply room. An overhead camera with the 360-degree view can solve the problem, and it can secure the entire place effectively. Thanks to this camera any office employee will not steal anything from the supply rooms.

Work area You don’t have to monitor every activity of your employees, but installing security camera give psychological benefit to your business. Your employees feel they are being watched and they pay their complete attention to the work instead of gossiping about unnecessary things.  Thanks to this they complete their work on time, they leave on time, and you get great benefits.

Dumpster This may sound a funny idea to install the security camera in dumpsters, but that is often a good idea. Many companies install a security camera at this place because some employees steal important document or product, they put it in the dumpster, and later they recover it from the place.  Covering this place with a security camera can help you in a great way for long term.

Conclusion With these areas, you can cover almost entire office without any problem. But when you install office or home security camera systems, you need to make sure you do not ignore any blank area. If you have a less visited alley or a corner, that is not visible until you reach there, you should have a camera there as well. This may sound like an extra expense, but it can increase your office security several folds.  

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