What Happened at 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix?

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The eleventh stage of the World Championship in Formula 1 was held in Hungary. Recall, it was the race on the track Hungaroring, built specifically for the “royal race”, was the first Grand Prix in a socialist country – it happened in the distant 1986.

The Route

The route in Hungary is characterized as narrow and slow, which practically does not allow overtaking. Racers need to overcome the distance of 306.6 km – this is 70 laps of 4.3 km each. Among the current pilots, Lewis Hamilton is the best at this task – he has 5 victories in the Hungaroring. In addition to him, one victory was won by Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Daniel Riccardo and Sebastian Vettel. As to other data on this route, you can find them at this website.

The Previous Year

It is worth noting that in 2016, Lewis Hamilton won this Grand Prix race, starting from the 2nd position. This year, the pilot of Mercedes started from the 4th place with Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) lined up on the starting grid, as well as Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) and the main rival of the British, the winner of qualification Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari). But, the Seb won 9 of the last 10 races, starting from the poles.

By the way, last year, the gap between the first 2 pilots in the individual standings was only one point; only in 2016 the leader was Nico Rosberg, and now – Sebastian Vettel. But now, and a year ago, Lewis Hamilton was in the role of catching up. In 2016, the Briton won the race and led the pilots’ standings. The victory in 2017 would also allow him to become a leader, but …

An Accident


Again, the start was not without an accident, and two pilots of the Red Bull collided. Max Verstappen made a mistake at the braking in the second turn and crashed into the car of Daniel Riccardo. Because of this, the Australian racer was forced to complete the race. The Dutchman was punished with a 10-second fine.

The second descended was Roman Grosjean. After a slow puncture, the pilot of Haas went to the pits. However, it turned out that the technicians did not fix the rear left wheel properly, and the Swiss had to leave the race. The last descended was Paul di Resta (Williams), replacing Felipe Massa and he did this less than 10 laps before the finish, his technique failed.

The Finnish


The final part of the race went without any shocks. Having a series of pit stops, Lewis Hamilton was able to approach the top three, and even came in the third place, which he was kindly provided (after the appropriate command from the leadership) by Valtteri Bottas. But the Briton could not overtake Ferrari pilots, and he returned the third position to his partner on the finish, becoming the fourth in the end.

Thus, the pilots took the same places in the race as they had in the qualification – Valtteri Bottas was the third, Kimi Raikkonen finished the second, and Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix for the second time in his career. It appeared to be the 4th victory of Bottas this season and the 46th within his career in general. It is worth noting that today’s race was the 50th for Vettel in the Ferrari.




Thanks to another victory, Sebastian Vettel again broke away from Lewis Hamilton, leading in the individual standings, in 202 points, with 188 points from Ham. Valtteri Bottas goes the third with 169 points. In the Constructors’ Cup the Mercedes team is still a leader, but thanks to the double, Ferrari approached it – 357 and 318 points, respectively. The third place belongs to the Red Bull Racing with their 184 points.

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