What is Interactive Application Testing?

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IAST is an abbreviation for Interactive Application Security Testing, and is used for testing application security by testing the application through DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) and RASP (Run-time Application Security Protection) technology. Unlike other methods IAST tools are able to test the applications before they are fully functional in order to find vulnerabilities without having to wait for the app to go live. It uses a runtime agents RASP and DAST to get an insight into the flow of the apps logic and then using the DAST attack to find ways in which data can be exploited to corrupt it, extract information, or anything else that could be troublesome for the user once live. It’s a way of preventing issues rather than waiting until they occur and having to solve them.

The best way to use IAST tools is in conjunction with a DAST inducer, as this gives a more comprehensive report. Advantages of using IAST security for your codes include:

  • Increasing the code visibility level
  • Reducing false positives in conjunction with DAST
  • Providing detailed results of vulnerabilities and making fixing them easier
  • Providing an attack simulation to make finding vulnerabilities easier

With interactive application security testing tools, you can check for vulnerabilities from a number of angles, giving you more comprehensive results than without. By combining numerous testing technologies throughout the lifecycle of the app, you can find out every step of the way what changes need to be made from development stage through testing and on to production which means there’s less chance of something going wrong.

Real time protection provided by interactive application security testing tools will mean that you will not only be able to ascertain vulnerabilities but also be able to block attacks by recognizing them faster. With RASP you can block attacks as they occur to avoid data loss.

With more apps being developed on a daily basis, it’s become a very competitive industry, however with so many people wanting to exploit vulnerabilities it’s important to have IAST tools to help overcome them before they become a problem. After all, customer satisfaction of a public app is extremely important for the reputation of your company and in-house apps need to be free of vulnerabilities to minimize downtime and lack of usability.

People often say they wish they had a crystal ball to see into the future. Although interactive application security testing tools won’t pick out this week’s winning lottery numbers they can reduce the impact of downtime caused by vulnerabilities which can help with customer trust as well as ensuring your business is always online.

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