What is Secure SDLC

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“SDLC” stands for Software Development Life Cycle and it refers to the process organizations use to make applications. Businesses and organizations use SDLCs to plan out the building process of their applications, while checking security along the way. SDLCs are designed to make it easier for organizations to spot potential problems throughout the construction of their application or product. They make you plan out your application and remain consistent throughout the development process; and help you to know your application inside and out.

How do SDLCs work?

SDLCs make it easier for businesses or organizations to spot potential security hazards by placing activities that are specifically security-related. In doing this, secure SDLCs put security checks in every step of the development process, allowing potential security hazards to be caught early, saving your business or organization a lot of hassle. If you’d like to get started with SDLCs today, you should do the following: a gap analysis to see what’s out there in terms of policies and activities in your organization and see how well they’re working, establish achievable and realistic goals and plan out your security activities, invest in what you need to achieve your goals (tools, employees, training, etc.), and know when to ask for help if you need it.

Why should you bother?

All of this can sound really confusing and seem very daunting; so why should you bother with the fuss of learning about them and how to use them? SDLCs improve your application’s security by adding in several security-increasing activities along the developmental process to make it easier to catch potential security hazards before they become an issue. This saves you a potential disaster, a lot of time, and money by catching weak areas before they become a problem. Beyond that, they help you plan out the entire developmental process, making everything easier for you. Learning about SDLCs can improve your business, improve the security of your application, and even improve the consistency and quality of your application by making you plan it out.

SDLCs help your business or organization improve your security by implementing security activities into every step of the developmental process. They’re designed to make it easier for your company or organization to spot potential weak points in your application and prevent potential security hazards. They also make you plan out the development of your application so you’re sure to remain consistent and develop a quality product. 



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