What Is Synthetic Slag and How Does It Help In Steel Conditioning

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Synthetic slag is a mixture of different kinds of oxides that are used in secondary steel making. This slag helps the steel in its treatment helps in refining the steel effectively. Synthetic slag conditioner helps in obtaining clean steel. It also helps in desulphurization of the liquid steels.

When a product is manufactured it goes through a quality control and quality assurance tests in the testing unit of the factory. The slag conditioner is supposed to be an important thing that helps in the successful manufacturing of a secondary steel. The synthetic slag is designed keeping in mind its role and hence, it contains proper physical and chemical compositions.

Desired Property of a Synthetic Slag Conditioner

It’s now known that a slag plays an important role in casting the steel. Now let’s find out the properties of a slag that helps in good steel casting:

a.    The synthetic slag must not cause an excess of refractory wear

b.    The slag must be in fluid form

c.    It must contain high sulphide capacity

d.    The nature of the slag must be basic

How does synthetic slag works? 

The synthetic slag is always in liquid form. This liquid slag is kept in a ladle and left on the liquid steel to float. The temperature of the liquid steel is approx. 1600 deg. The liquid steel temperature can be higher than 1600 degree depending on the requirement. The ladle containing synthetic slag conditioner acts like a sponge that absorbs all the impurities in the liquid steel. Impurities like sulphur and non-metallic inclusions are cleaned with this slag conditioner.

The slag significantly influences the cleaning process of liquid steel and the manufacturing of steel. There is nothing wrong if we say that slag designing is the critical step of steel purification process.

 How Does Slag Conditioner Benefits The Steel?

The secondary steelmaking is benefited by the use of slag conditioner in following ways:

1.    Slag conditioner improves the productivity of steel

2.    The slag conditioner improves the steel quality

3.    It also protects the environment

4.    The slag plays a big role in improving the steel quality

Why Is Slag Conditioner Use In The Secondary Steel Making Process?

There are several important reasons to use slag in the second step of steel making process:

1.    Slag conditioner helps in reducing the dust float pollution on the liquid steel

2.    It decreases the melting temperature of slag

3.    Increases the de-oxidation and desulphurization of the liquid steel

4.    Slag conditioner is stable and free from any kind of dust.

5.    Slag conditioner is easy to handle in steel making process

6.    It requires some kind of additive to make special kind of steel.

If you are looking for the best synthetic slag for the steel purification process you can search the best slag conditioner companies online. The best ones are those offering economical and cost-effective solutions for your steel manufacturing and refining process. So what are you waiting? Make a quote today and get the best slag conditioner.

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