What Is The Positive Reinforcement Method Of Dog Training?

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Successfully training your pet with the positive reinforcement method is the best and loving approach to train your pet. Dog training experts understand that positive reinforcement training is the dog training best option for both you and your dog according to recent reports.

Positive reinforcement uses a very simple theory. It’s rewarding the dog’s behavior that you wish to teach your dog. Whenever your puppy behaves in an unwanted way then you do not reward him; you dismiss the unwanted behavior that you don’t want to see replicated.

The cruel methods utilized in the past that included but not limited to intimidation and physical pain are now regarded animal abuse. These inhumane methods rarely functioned, and will just destroy the dog’s soul.

It is a win-win for both you and your puppy.

Dogs may easily learn that should they displease you then there is not any positive, yet should they please you whenever you need them to understand, that positive reinforcement creates a unique bond between you and your puppy.

Personally, I have used this strategy with my puppy Harlow. Harlow is a rescue which was used as a puppy mill. She had been caged outside without a shelter. It was a very sad circumstance.

When I rescued her, she was so malnourished due to the dearth of food, along with her puppies were draining her nutrition. It was a tough situation; dog boarding she had a slim prospect of living.

With love and positive reinforcement training along with good nutrition and organic safe flea, tick and mosquito treatment she is now a happy dog.

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