What Is The Process Of Building A New Roof?

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Eventually, all homeowners will need to deal with getting a new roof, because their old roof needs to be replaced. If you are planning on hiring a roofer soon for a new roof project, understand that there are several big steps that take a lot of time and finances to get through.

The benefits of a new roof include:

The refined stability of your roof, making your home safe against environmental hazards

A better looking home

An increase in property value, if you intend to sell the home in the near future.

And higher efficiency in energy, when it comes to heating or cooling your home

The first step of course is to hire a reputable roofing professional. You always want the best of jobs done when it comes to a new roof, and you can count on professional roofbuilders with experience as well as a good history with roofing.

Whether you ask around for roofing services that are recommended to you, or you find several businesses online that repair roofs, it is always a must to check with your state’s licensing board to be sure that the roofer that you are considering is certified to do business with you, in addition to having insurance that would cover potential injuries or mishaps made in the process of building your new roof.

Roofbuilders will visit your home to examine your roof and check for possible problems that it may have, in addition to measuring it for how much materials will be needed to fully cover it. After looking at every flaw your roof has, the roofing contractor will give you a quote for how much it will cost to cover each repair that is necessary, as well as for equipment, services, removal of old debris, and more.

You can pick the material for new shingles on your roof. You can ask your roofing professional about asphalt, wood, metal, slate, and tile shingles. Although asphalt is the cheapest shingle to buy, the best shingles are actually determined by one’s living conditions.

You are expected to pay more than your original quote, due to the roofers finding more problems as they dig up old shingles. When they find some hidden flaws to your roof, such as decayed wood or flashing that is missing, that they can’t see until they get started, the amount you pay for will go up, and that is normal. They can’t see everything about your roof until you permit them to work on it.

On the first day the roofing service arrives to start your roofing project, there is safety protocol that you and other residents have to follow. You can keep children or pets inside during the project, but you can also leave and go somewhere else if you or another resident cannot take all the noise. Lock up the house if you decide to leave, as there is no reason for a worker to go inside, other than to use a restroom, perhaps.

For a typical roofing project, it will take anywhere between 2 to 5 days. If you own a bigger than average house, the project will take up to 2 weeks. Weather conditions that are severe enough, like heavy downpours will delay the project.

After the project is finished, the roofbuilders should clean up around your home of any debris and materials, which would include old shingles, wood, paper, nails, and other debris involved in the construction of your new roof.

A project towards a new roof can be painless when you have the right professionals who know what they are doing.

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