What Keeps Me Inspired As A Women

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In order to get keep on moving, one has to constantly motivate themselves. Everyone faces their sets of challenges and has to find a driving force to move one. Young women and girls too are in need of this motivation. Motivation is easily found and we need to tell our young where to rightfully look for it. This motivation can come from reading and listening to motivational quotes. With such easy access to social media and relentless peer pressure, it is easy to lose focus or look for motivation in the wrong places.


People around you:


The first place to look for motivation I suggest would be with people around you. Most of us ignore our family, friends, co-workers, local figures as we look for sources of motivation. How your own mother works hard to provide for her family, your co-workers upcoming success, the local council woman’s influence in the community are some of the right sources of motivation for a young woman to aspire towards.




There have been very successful and influential women throughout history. Most we know of are the current ones but historically there are strong and bold women who have forged the way their places in history and shaped our contemporary situation. These personalities are also are source of motivation and inspiration that we can tap into. Go out and read their biographies and autobiographies. If you find that a little bit difficult try watching documentaries and the movies made about them. We need such personalities as we continue to advance and who knows, you might be just what we need.


“Do not be afraid to say what you mean”Madonna. Saying what you want is the first step into getting that which you so desire. Declaring your wants puts you closer as you now have a focus. This helps you create a game plan for how you are going to achieve it and who can help you achieve it. State your goals and work towards achieving them.


Search for your purpose in life. As cliché as it sounds, we all have a purpose in life. It might not be ground breaking transformations but might be gradual and numerous subtle differences that go a long way to better the world. With a purpose you will get the right motivation to move you and also to inspire others around you.




Take criticism for your own good. When an elder corrects you or a senior at work says your work is not at par, please do not take it as an attack. It might be one and if it is, let it not bother you. However, if you critically look at it and figure that there might be some truth in it, take the critique positively and work your way into making it work for you.


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