What to Check in Cabin Rentals in Northern Georgia

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Northern part of the state of Georgia is beautiful and is colloquially known as the North Georgia Mountains. They start from the north eastern corner of the state and move westwards. The mountains in this region are known as Blue Ridge Mountains and this mountain range ends in Georgia. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a segment of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States of America which extend 615 southwest from Carlisle, Pennsylvania through parts of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to Mount Oglethorpe, Georgia. The Appalachian Mountains & the Blue Ridge Mountains cover up most of the Northern part of the state of Georgia and they both are heavily forested. The Blue Ridge Mountains are named such due to bluish shade appearance which they are famed for when they are seen and observed from a distance. Brasstown Bald is the highest point in the state of Georgia, located at 4784 feet above sea level.

Cabin rentals north Georgia usually start from USD$ 150 per night and move upwards. Most Cabin operators provide unique and well designed spacious cabins which are pest proof and are well accustomed to the weather. The design of the cabins ensures that you get a good sleep in the cold nights of the mountainous region.

Places of interest include Blue Ridge, Georgia, the namesake of the Blue Ridge Mountains which has a small downtown filled with art galleries, antiques, hand crafted wares and the Blue Ridge scenic railroad. Hiking and waterfalls draw loads of tourists from around the states, especially at Fall Branch Falls and Long Creek Falls which have the best camping sites and the best cabins, small, big, mountain facing and water front ones with both fenced and unfenced yards.

Cabin rentals north Georgia at times can be quite expensive and they usually are dependent on the season. Spacious waterfront cabins with more than 2 bedrooms and fenced yards fetch the most expensive rent in the state.

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