What to Look for in a Funeral Home

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When selecting a funeral home, be certain that the firm you choose can meet all of your requirements, is able to accommodate your specific desires and is experienced in planning the type of commemoration that you want, such as a memorial service or a celebration-of-life. You should feel at ease with the funeral director. Your first meeting at the arrangement conference is a chance for you to ask questions, get more information about the offered services and get an overall idea of what that funeral home is like. Cost is another thing to keep in mind, and it can be a good idea to comparison shop if you feel uncomfortable with the prices quoted. If you know the cemetery you want to use, perhaps you can ask them for funeral home recommendations.


Some of your requirements may include the city the funeral home is located in, a particular religious or cultural affiliation and a funeral home that operates its own crematorium or cemetery. A main factor to consider when choosing a funeral home is your comfort level- you should feel as if the funeral director understands the type of service that you want and is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your vision. Also, does the funeral home offer the merchandise and services that interest you? The funeral home should have affordable offerings of goods and services. If you would like handicapped bathrooms or a private holding room prior to the service, make sure that the facility that you select has these amenities. If you have religious or cultural concerns, make certain that the funeral director understands your needs and has prepared a funeral in accordance to your customs before.

The arrangement conference can take place at the funeral home Crestwood, IL your residence or over the phone. The funeral professional should be friendly, polite, knowledgeable and compassionate. You may have many questions and special requests and the funeral director should be attentive and give you the answers that you need.

You should never feel pressured into making arrangements that make you uncomfortable. Some families want embalming, cosmetology and a viewing, while others opt for a simple graveside service or direct cremation. The funeral director should never press you to add on unwanted services.

You may glean more information about funeral homes by asking family members and friends about the experiences that they have had, visiting funeral homes’ websites and reading reviews about funeral homes on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.

You may also want to ask if the funeral home is independent and locally owned or if it belongs to a national corporation. Many families prefer the service and flexibility of a privately owned funeral home. If you go to a funeral home in person, the funeral provider is legally required to give you a general price list (GPL) with an itemization of the costs of the items and services it offers. If the GPL omits specific prices of caskets or outer burial containers, the law mandates that the funeral director show you the price lists for those products before showing you the items themselves. If the funeral director does not give you a copy of the price list for caskets, outer containers and urns, this may indicate a lack of transparency on their part. A funeral director must not tell you that a casket is required for cremation or only show you cremation caskets without informing you that alternative containers are also available. A funeral home cannot alter its prices or charge a handling fee because of your use of a coffin purchased from a third-party source. You may also ask what types of packages they offer, which may reduce the cost of individual goods and services.

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