What type of Cover works best for mini trucks?

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Also called Kei trucks, mini trucks were made for the first time in the 1990s in Japan. At maximum speed you can only hit 55 mph, and are sold as ATVs in the many states of the United States do not allow them on the road. While you may not be able to feel the wind in your hair in one of these 4s 4’s, you can fool out with snow tracks, automatic gearbox, the camouflage they detail and the box that best suits the shape in that will use the mini of the car.

soft top

Soft compartment covers are designed to cover the truck bed or cargo area. Soft tonneaus consist of a vinyl canvas, which is ideal for mini truck owners who want an enclosure that is easy to remove. The barrel is attached to an aluminum frame and fit into place.

hard top

Hard tonneaus are made of hard fiberglass and are more suitable for permanent enclosures, since they are not as easy to remove as the soft cask. Tonneaus are the most used when you want to hide the box of the truck. Although they do not offer a large amount of storage space, they will also keep safe materials inside the truck bed.

truck cover

A truck cover or lid offers more storage space than a barrel does. Truck covers and caps can be made to fit the type of truck in use. Truck lids can hinge forward and back if they are made with vinyl or soft material.

Camper Shell

Truck caravans are camper shells installed in mini trucks. They are ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the road and want to build a mini-cabinet in the bed of the truck to serve as their accommodation. Alternatively, truck caravans can provide additional storage space.

Retrax Bed Installing

Objects from the truck’s box, such as tools, fishing equipment or other valuables are safe when using a Retrax bed cover. As a canopy of the bed of the truck, Retrax bed covers protect items in your truck box with no hard roof cumbersome. Protection from extreme temperatures, such as rain, is crucial to prevent oxidation damage. Keep the objects in your dry bed truck, protecting them with a Retrax bed cover.


1. Attach the cover of the Retrax bed to the tracks. Slide the wheel of the bed cover onto the track on the rails. Cover bolt to track track using an adjustable wrench to adjust and secure in place. Repeat this step to connect the passenger side rail of the Retrax bed cover. Place the front panel of the bed cover. The front panel protects the roll bar that stores and retracts the bed cover. Screw the front panel to the bed cover. Align the holes in the cover of the bed and fix a screw on each side; which fixes the front panel of the bed cover.

2. Place the cover of the Retrax bed gently on your rails of the bed of the truck. Have someone help you with this process. Located on opposite sides, lift the bed cover and align the bed cover with making sure it is still on all sides of the bed rail of the truck.

3. Secure the bed cover to the bed rails of the truck using hook mounting brackets J. Place the lower edge of the mounting bracket J hook under the edge of the railing of the truck bed. Place the top edge of the mounting bracket J hook on the inside edge of the Retrax bed cover. Tighten the clamp on the J-hook clamp using an adjustable wrench to secure the cover to the rail. Repeat this step in the four corners of the truck’s box.

4. Pull the bed cover towards you to the open position. Extend the block on the end of the bed cover. Press the lock button with your finger to lock the cover, preventing it from retracting to the stored position.

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