What you need for Cross Site and Cross Frame Scripting Protection

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Building web applications isn’t the easiest task in the business. Taking hours of manpower and an immense amount of knowledge to build something you’re truly proud of, when there is an attack it can be devastating not only on a commercial level but also on a personal level. Having said that, the number of cross site and cross frame attacks is still massive and coming up with good protection is key.

Cross site and cross frame scripting attacks are different at their core as cross site scripting allows the attacker to inject scripts into the victim’s own script and cross frame scripting embeds the entire webpage into a different, page within a frame. While they are different at core they are both devastating to be on the receiving end of and prevention is always better than the cure.

Cross site request forgery protection allows you to stay on top of any changes that have occurred within your webpage and is a great way of identifying the source. To do some checks you will want to set up an automated defence that checks the headers and subheaders to make sure they are all coming from the same origin.

Cross site scripting vulnerabilities are some of the most common in the world of the web and so coming up with good cross site scripting protection is vital if you’re hoping to make it big. One of the biggest ways you can protect yourself and the people that use your websites is making sure that any text boxes are secured from attacks. Stored XSS attacks are more frequent and more serious than any other kind of attack and are fairly easy to prevent just by making sure the input boxes are secure.

If you’re looking for some cross-frame scripting protection then the easiest way to do his is ensure your site cannot be moved into a separate frame. To do this you can inject some code into the header part of your script and this should make your website much more difficult to move into a separate frame.

Protecting your website has never been more important and with the increasing ways for attackers to try and get into your site, there are plenty of ways for you to protect it. Be smart with your code and you can save yourself and your clients an awful lot of heartache.


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