What You Need to Know about Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol can destroy lives when it becomes an unmanageable addiction. Alcohol detox is just one component of true addiction recovery, but it’s a vital one that every addict must go through. If you or a loved one are about to undergo addiction recovery and alcohol detox in Orange County, California, there are some important things you need to know before the process begins.

Necessity of Detox

Detox is an important part of addiction treatment because without it, harmful toxins from alcohol are still present in the bloodstream. These toxins make the chances of relapse much higher, rendering the rehab program useless. Detoxifying allows the addict to have a completely clear mind which is necessary for completing the remainder of the rehab program and finding success both during the program and when returning to regular life afterwards.

Length of Detox Process

Orange County, California alcohol detox processes can vary among individuals. Some individuals can complete the process in just one week, while others can take longer. It all depends on how committed to recovery the addict is as well as how serious the addiction is. Factors regarding how serious an addiction is include the length of time there’s been an addiction, how much alcohol is normally consumed, and individual body chemistry.

Withdrawal Symptoms

There can be serious withdrawal symptoms to expect during detox. The body is under a lot of stress because it’s so accustomed to the alcohol in the system. These symptoms usually begin within 6-24 hours after the last drink. The symptoms can be mild and include nausea, vomiting, and anxiety. Some people will experience more severe symptoms like fever, seizures, severe agitation, and even hallucinations. Others may experience suicidal thoughts. The life-threatening nature of some of these symptoms makes it essential for detox to be medically supervised. Doctors and other detox experts ensure the individual is able to cope with these symptoms and stay in good health.

Detox and Rehab

It’s important to remember that alcohol detox orange county california isn’t the same thing as rehab. It’s simply one component of a rehab program. In fact, some programs don’t even include detox as part of their program. Rehab is the process by which an individual learns how to cope with life without using alcohol as a crutch. Detox is the first essential step to living a life free from the influence of alcohol.

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