What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

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Modern computers have gotten very sophisticated and stylish for the next generation of people on Earth including the older generation of people as well.  Technology has skyrocketed to new levels since the dot.com bubble in 2000.  Now, most people, including myself are not familiar with cloud computing.  I must first define what is cloud computing.  Cloud computing is easily defined as computer storage along with having the ability to access data and programs over the World Wide Web instead of using your hard drive on the computer.   The ultimate secret in order to use “cloud computing” is to have your current data synced with other information on the Internet.  Cloud computing can be performed successfully at any time of the day and any area with a strong wifi connection.

Cloud computer architecture is simple to understand.  Cloud computing connects to each other through the Internet.  The front end is the side the client is able to see.  The cloud connection is normally the “cloud” section of the system.  A good example of a front end is the computer’s main network and valuable computer application that is needed to run the cloud section.   Cloud data center architecture is a vital tool that assists companies that require a dedicated, fully customized system that gives the company full power over their equipment along with their data.   A data center is a critical component for a company that runs a lot of different computer applications and difficult workloads on a daily basis.   The disadvantage of having a data center is limited storage space and workload space.  You cannot change the amount of storage and workspace without buying more space and storage.

Cloud platform as a service is simply defined as a delivery of a specific computing platform solution as a service.  This is great because it provides a complete computer framework that facilitates the management, development, and deployment of an on-demand software, which is commonly known as Saas or software as a service.  Paas or Platforms as a service are also very vital because it gives an open platform that gives access to the computer server, database or programming language.  The great benefits of having a complete platform as a service for a large company is security management tools, improved team collaboration tools, and application version management.  It is beneficial to have platforms as a service because it improves payment processing, subscription management, provisioning along with reporting and analytics as well.  


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