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Recently, tricking has become incredibly well-known within the vape scene. Numerous vapers enjoy having fun with the experience, creating vape trick movies, having trick competitions, as well as pushing the envelope of how one can adjust the act of vaping. When tricking began obtaining speed, simply blowing O’s gave way to much more complex and entertaining tricks. All of us sat down @StoopsNeil, a part of vaping’s elite technique team, GOD. Take a look.

Reveal a little bit about yourself?

I am Neil Patton. I am two decades old and I’m from San Diego, CA. One of the hobbies outside of vaping consists of cars, I’m a Toyota enthusiast. I work two jobs both in San Diego, 1 at a vape shop, @Vapefunctions, and the other at a wheel shop, @Discountire. I love the vape community/industry since it allows me to network and fulfill other people who have similar hobbies and interest to my own. Through vaping, I have made a good amount of powerful friendships that never might have come to be without vaping and also the social outlet it provides.

Whenever did you start vaping?

We started vaping about an ago when I turned eighteen.

What got you thinking about vaping? Were you a cigarette smoker before?

The main thing which got me interested in vaping was the fact that its the healthier and cleaner substitute for smoking tobacco. Before I actually started vaping I was hooked on tobacco through the use of hookah. I might smoke anywhere from 2-5 containers of hookah a day, so when I found vaping I recognized I had to switch to this more healthy alternative.

In your perspective, wherever do you see the vaping business going?

Right now it’s quite hard for me to say what do you suppose will happen with what I see happening. Particularly since California has a lot associated with the anti-vaping legislature in the functions at the moment. If the legislature goes by, I’m honestly not sure in which the industry is headed. But if the bills do not move I foresee the vape industry growing even bigger than it is today. Even if the legislature passes, I’m confident that will myself and everyone else within California will find a way to constantly thrive and work about it.

What would you state is your favorite mod and also RDA?

Right now my favorite dripper has to be either the Kennedy or the Aeolus. For mods, I usually like tube mods, and my favorite tube mod has to be the Ceres through U. S. Vapor Mods. They are a small company out of Neither Cal but they’re amazing, and their tube mod is definitely the hardest hitting mod I have ever used.

Is there a tale behind your Instagram manage? If so, how did a person come up with it?

Originally, our Instagram was used as an individual account before I began vaping, so I had title @Stoopsneil before I got into tricking. The name Stoops really comes from one of my brother’s best friends. His IG title was @Stoopsjr. Since I researched to him as another old brother I copied the actual “stoops” from him and thus arrived @Stoopsneil.

VGOD Mech Mod ?? ??? ?????

When and the reason why did you get into deceiving?

I started tricking in regards to a year and a half ago. In those days, I was still trying to learn the fundamentals of it but I was not very good. Funny thing is, I truly didn’t have anyone close to me to teach me how you can do tricks. So 1 day I decided to look up “How To Blow O-Rings, ” on Wikipedia, I was in fact surprised that they had a piece on the subject. I read through this article and practiced what I experienced learned, and this is could get to where I’m in today. So shoutout in order to Wikipedia, haha. I published my first video upon IG on Oct. twenty-two, 2014. After that I started out getting random likes along with followers and that inspired me personally to keep making trick video clips. Someone showed me the VGOD Mech Mod page and those men inspired me to get into this pretty heavy. Now it is ideal come true to say that I feel a part of the Official VGOD group.

What was the most difficult strategy for you to master?

That’s fairly hard to say, mostly simply because everything is stylistic. However, for me, the Force area was probably the hardest key to get down.

Do you have a popular build to use for tip competitions or videos?

I just use a 22ga five wrap dual coil. I love to keep it simple, nothing as well crazy, and that build can be useful for me. It usually ohms out around 0. sixteen ohms

What are your favorite tracks to trick too?

It’s my job to listen to and use a large amount of Tri-City on Youtube. They have a couple of sections, the blue as well as the red. It kind of depends on what style of tricks I am doing to what style I personally use. The blue section much more chill and mellow, as the red section is more down and dirty and upbeat for truly heavy trick sequences.

Finally, what is your spirit animal, in addition to why?

Well, I would point out my spirit animal is surely a wolf. Mostly because I seriously love Twilight, it’s my personal favorite movie series of all time and I also love being #TEAMJACOB. However on a more serious note, Personally I think like my spirit pet is a wolf because I have personally always been kind of a single wolf. Growing up I confronted a lot of separation which pushed me to kind of turn into a lone wolf. I also stay pretty close within this group and consider it to become my pack.

Thanks a lot for sitting down with us Neil. Any last comments you want to leave with our readers?

Most likely my main purpose of vaping is to get people to convert coming from smoking to vaping. This gets pretty personal for me personally. When I was 6 years of age my father tried to quit smoking to me but wasn’t successful. With 8 years old my Father died due to smoking-related problems. I felt like it had been my fault because I ought to have tried harder to obtain him to quit smoking once I had the ability to. Since I could not help my dad quit smoking, My spouse and I aim to help other people come to be a healthier lifestyle, to prevent cigarettes related deaths. If I will help other people quit smoking through vaping, that makes me feel better understanding that person’s family may not need to experience the same thing I experienced and make a big impact on their living.


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