Whats In My Makeup Bag?

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I love reading about and looking at photos of what other people keep in their bags, and what’s the beauty bloggers version of a handbag post? A makeup bag post! My Cath Kidston makeup bag is relatively small, so everything I carry around in it are the products I use on at least a semi regular basis, the stuff I use every day usually being found at the top of the bag. 

Benefit’s Sugarbomb blush is my every day go-to, I’m on my 3rd one and I’ve been in love with it ever since it first came out. I usually use blush all over my face to even my skin tone and give it a bit of a healthy glow, so I use darker blushes as highlighters. I think I prefer Benefit’s Coralista, but my current darker highlight is Benefit’s Bella Bamba. My paler summer highlighter is Clinique’s Blushing Blush Powder in Iced Lotus. I don’t think I’m quite happy with it though, and I’d really love to try some Nars blushes. 

I’m a great fan of airbrush makeup. As a busy women I often need to join social gatherings right after my work. I use airbrush makeup for instant radiant flawless glow. Here’s an in-depth guide on airbrush makeup if you are interested to buy one.

For my eye makeup I usually use a brown Clinique quad, but I have not found one I’m totally happy with yet. This one is Choco-latte, and I’ve only just started using it after grabbing it at Duty Free in San Francisco. For summery looks I love purple and gold, because they go great together, and purple is my favourite color. At the moment I’m getting my fix from Clinique’s Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Beach Plum. For a smokey eye I’ve been using Inikia’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Gun Metal.

I’m big on my tints, and I don’t know what I’d do without Benetit for my cheeks and lips. I recently got Posie Tint free with Glamour, and though I’ll use it I don’t really like the gel like texture so I won’t be repurchasing. 

I usually only use eyeliner, black for an evening look. I use Mac Tecknikol liner, but I’ve been falling in love with plum eyeliner because of the Covergirl Liquiline Blast I picked up in America, but instead of repurchasing I think I’ll get a purple Mac one instead! 

You can always see a big improvement in my skin when I use a highlighter, and I’ve been using Nars Orgasm Illuminator every single day as a base under my makeup. I use Benefit’s Highbeam for an evening look, and Topshop’s Sunbeam highlighter powder when I’m just dashing out the house to go the the supermarket or something, and I’m not putting my full face of makeup on. 

The one product I would not be able to live without is my Benefit Boi-ing concealer, but I also really love Benefit Speed Brow set because my eyebrows are mental!

I don’t use them as much as I use the Covergirl eyeliner I picked up in California, but I do use the Smokey Shadow Blast cream eyeshadow stick and the the Outlast Lipstain.

I use Benefit’s Bad Gal plum mascara every day, but because I’m not the biggest fan of the formula for black I use Clinique’s cult High Impact mascara. I hate wearing waterproof mascara, but for when I have to I find Clinique’s Lash Power does the trick!

I’m slowly but surely building my collection of brushes, and at the moment I use Benefit’s Fluff Shadow Brush for my eyeshadows, Benefit’s Slant Powder Brush for my blusher and a Clinique Brow Comb on my brows and eyelashes.

Last but not least, lipstick. (I only use one lipgloss, Clinique Superbalm in 09 Current that lives in my handbag). In the front we have my two go to shades, both Satin Mac colours, Captive for a bold look and Brave for everyday. In the rear we have my new Clinique lipstick in Berry Freeze and the All For Eve lipstick in Eve Red that came in my May Glossy Box. 

It would take you ages to say what you all keep in your makeup bags, so instead, what type of makeup bags does everyone use?

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